Where to get ideas

bloggernoob-forum.jpgI’m a big fan of stand up comedy. I got hooked at a very young age. I remember staying up late at night to watch comic strip live and improv. It was fascinating how these comedians could hold peoples attention and be so funny with just a mic.

You’ll notice that comedians talk about certain things. Ray Romano types will talk about relationships. Seinfeld will talk about nothing. Most will talk about the news. News has a never ending supply of material for comedians. For bloggers too. News is always changing and always interesting.

There’s only just so much you can write about when you have a make money blog. Making money online, is pretty basic so you’ll often times find make money bloggers repeating themselves. I do this sometimes and my blog is less then 2 months old. Sometime you have to reach outside of the internet to get some inspiration.

I’ve found that doshdosh gets a lot of his article ideas from magazines and books. That’s a great way to get your blogging engines moving. Industry news will give you a lot of ideas too. I try to read the newspaper every day. I’ll also hit up the book store to read some business mags. When i’m dry, these routines always seem to give me ideas.