Who do i read?

You would think i check Problogger and Shoemoney’s blog everyday but i don’t. I think both blog are great and i aspire to grow my blog like them or take a pic of myself with a fat shoemoney check like jeremy.(i love the name jeremy…too bad its not his last name) The reason its hard for me to follow those popular blogs is because i can’t relate. They are big time. Im just a little noob trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I like to read medium blogs. Guys that are getting around 5 hundred feedburner subscribers. I feel that i can learn most from them. I assume the readers of my blog are complete noobs. All 15 of you are trying to learn little by little. And im sure that my readers will stop reading once they surpass me in knowledge.

Blogs i read.

My favorite right now has to be cashquests. I followed cashquests when it was a humble blogspot blog. I found it fascinating that one could actually money just by blogging and on a free hosted site. The author, Kumiko is real cool and im sure the fact that she’s a girl helped a tad bit. Her insights are informative and her case studies seem so professional. I really think that she will grow her blog to johnchow standards one day.

I follow tylercruz also. I found his site cause of a flash video i saw. It was a mini production that he made about his jouney to make money online. Not as helpful for beginning bloggers cause i don’t really know what his niche is but i like to read his blog cause i feel he’s into what im into. He likes to play poker and starcraft. Deal me in, i like this cat.

Doshdosh is third on my list cause he’s big time. If he had less readers i think he would be my favorite. His posts are so deep with information. His blog is clean and he actually responds to each and every comment which is amazing considering his blog is so popular.