Who really makes money online by blogging?

blogmoney.jpgI read john chow and shoemoney from time to time. When i first got the idea to start blogging i did some research on the money making potentials. I came across john chow and shoemoney’s blogs cause obviously they come up in searches. When i read those blogs i thought it was going to be easy. I didn’t know who they were. 10 months later….i have my own weblog and i realize that those two gentlemen are internet celebrities. Since then i’ve read countless blogs about these two men. i really wonder how many money making blogs make money. probably 1-2% of blogs make some money and another 5 percent or so make enought for hosting and the hourly wage set at min. If i did my math right that leaves 93% that are losing money. Of course its not alot of money paying for hosting. Its kinda like poker…you gotta have alot of loser to keep the game going. I’ve started a few blogs and i’ve made enough to cover hosting but i don’t know if i will be able to pull the hourly wage. But i want to try cause this internet thing is pretty cool. I’ll start posting more often.

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. ”
Friedrich Nietzsche