Why bloggers hate make money blogs

make-money-blog.JPGBloggers hate make money blogs. Bloggernoob dot com is a make money blog. I write daily for this make money blog, and i too hate blogs in my niche. I sometimes hate my own blog. I hate it cause my blog has to sell out. I hate my blog cause the topic tends to get repetitive. I hate make money blogs, cause they don’t really make much money.

There must be thousands of make money blogs in the blogosphere. I’ve visited hundred and i hate 99.9% of them. They contain info that isn’t helpful, and they repeat the same old shit. I talk shit about johnchow dot com cause it’s the biggest of the make money blogs. It’s a terrible blog. The blog is boring. The blog doesn’t help you make money. It’s only good to visit and comment on that blog, if you want to network with ass kissing internet marketing types. You guys can circle jerk each other.

I think my niche is played out. I think a lot of idiots set up make money blog thinking that they’ll become the next johnchow. The lack of creativity in my niche makes me sick.

Why do people set up make money blogs? Cause it’s easy to monetize? No. People set up make money blogs, cause they read johnchow and think they could do what he’s doing. It seems easy. Write up a few restaurant reviews and put some affiliate links. Write some paid plugs and cha ching! Doesn’t work out that way. It’s a lot harder once you start your blog.

Make money blogs are for brain dead losers. I used to be a brain dead loser. I used to read shoemoney and johnchow. I don’t do it anymore. I don’t think people should read make money blogs. I think people could learn just as much by visiting other high traffic sites. Making money online is all about traffic. If you get people to your site, you’ll make money with your blog. Simple as that. So if you want to learn about making money online, you should learn how to get traffic to your site. Don’t copy johnchow and set up a make money blog. Look around and find blogs with high traffic. It could be a blog about cats, skateboards, or n sync. As long as it gets traffic. Study the layout, and posting style of these blogs. Don’t copy! Take the good parts and find ways to incorporate it into your blog.

After reading this article, if you still want to start a make money blog, think about this. Do you want to write the same article over and over again? Do you want to kiss other make money blogger ass? Do you want to get disappointed? Do you want to be unoriginal? If you answered yes to the above questions, then you should start a make money blog.

This was a long post. Most of you didn’t get past the first sentence. For those of you stuck with it and read it all the way through…i want to reward you. Leave a comment on this post, with the word “Uncle“. I will randomly select one of you and paypal you five bucks.

You realize that you really don’t need to be reading this blog. My make money blog is as useless as every other make money blog out there. But thanks for reading. I appreciate it, cause you guys help me make money with my blog. You guys might be brain dead, but you guys are cool!

29 thoughts on “Why bloggers hate make money blogs

  1. Ben Barden

    Hey Uncle Noob. 😀

    Not much to add really. I think a lot of people believe their blog can be the one that will be different. The one that does unexpectedly well. I guess it’s possible, but it’s not going to happen without – as you say – a lot of hard work.

  2. Tim

    This was a good, honest post Noob! Perhaps you should change the niche of the blog to something about how most blogs dont make a lot of money and that the majority of the MMO blogs dont practice what they preach!


  3. Ditto Rahmat

    I absolutely agree with you! Hell yeah, traffic is the most important thing in make money blogs. Even if the content is rehashed like 13,452 times on the net, as long as can drive huge load of traffic, the money will soon follow.

    Oh yeah, I also stopped reading John Chow and Shoemoney and I also wouldn’t recommend my uncle to read them. Not in a 1,453,963 years :)

  4. Timothy W. Crane

    Don’t get burned out, I know it gets repetititve. But just when you are getting sick of it, if you hang in there, you are putting yourself ahead 90% of the others that try and give up.

    Cheat a little. Take a feed vacation. A feed vacation is where you replace yourself with a feed for a little while on your site, just to get a breather.Or go grab 25 articles off of ezinearticles. Post one a day, and get almost a month to take a breather while still supplying good content. I know it gets repetititve. But just when you are getting sick of it, if you hang in there, you are putting yourself ahead of the other 90% that try and give up.

    You say that your money making blog isn’t making money? I see you have over 270 feedburner subscribers. Have you shot out any contact to them lately? I bet they have a dollar, or maybe even three. There could be 5-600 bucks right there for you if you ask for it. Keep growing that feed, and you should do fine. After a while you will be sending out messages telling people to send you money on a regular basis, just like Uncle Sam.

  5. Nards

    Uncle!! I love reading your blog. Your advice is sound; besides, you are an absolute hoot. Having a creepy looking (but sweet) baby on your site doesn’t hurt either.


  6. Tim

    Priceless article. I agree with you completely. Except I think your blog is way better than you give it credit for 😀 Your unique twists and humor are definitely giving you an edge!

    Staying original in this field, and avoiding the repetition is really hard. I feel the same way with my blog sometimes, like the ideas are just running dry. Plus, since blogging takes up so much time (if your actually serious about it), it’s even tougher to go out and learn the concepts you preach first hand.

    If I had to go back, I’m not sure I would dive into “make money online” blogging so quickly, but at the same time I don’t regret starting at all. It’s a love hate relationship 😛

    Uncle cause I could never resist the lure of 5$ LOL

  7. Jared Stenzel

    The blog isn’t making money you say? I’ll bet this money makes more than 85% of the blogs out there. Granted that probably close to 70% of the blogs out there aren’t monetized and that 90% of all statistics are made up, I’d say ‘ol uncle noob is just having a writers block. Write an ebook covering the topic you most enjoy in the make money niche and sell that for maybe $10 with resale rights. Like Timothy said, you have people reading this with money to spend. Instead of plugging in all those paid reviews review something relevant and plug in your affiliate link and boom you’re inspired again. Would you be willing to email me a list of all your blogs :) I’d love to read them!

  8. Tom Hanna

    I hate them because they don’t have enough pictures of scantily clad blondes. Glad to see you’re hard at work fixing the flaw in the genre.

  9. C5

    LOL Uncle! I also just think you’re having a writer’s block, but you managed an original post! :)

    I don’t go to JC either. I tried a couple of times, skimmed through and went to others. I think I was able to go at least once to SM. I have a make-money blog supposedly logging my own make-money-from-the-net diary but haven’t been updating it for some time. Oh, they are all original since it’s my own diary, BTW. 😀

    I don’t like unoriginal content either. I know one when I see one so I tend to just skim through. I think I’ve learned to be a speed reader with standard MM blogs! 😀

  10. Chicago

    I cry Uncle!
    I certainly hope you have a couple other blogs that you enjoy updating… otherwise, you may not last too long.
    Either way, I think this blog is very original for the niche.

  11. Ided

    I do not know why I read your article all the way to the end. Maybe because I’m curious to know your reason why you hate make money blogs, when your blog is a make money blog in itself. And I’m quite sure you’re making big money from this blog since you’ve been doing it since July 2007.

    But I like your honesty. It’s my first time to your site, and this is the first article that I’ve read. I’ll read some more later. Then maybe, I’ll subscribe to your feed. :)

    P.S. Why do I need to write the word “Uncle”? :)

  12. steve

    maybe bloggernoob is trying the “Uncle” niche.

    I also have seen a lot of make money blogs lately that have not posted for a few months, maybe they are starting to realize the same thing.

  13. cvrle77

    I just stumbled at this blog for the first time,and I need to say something.This what I have to say is only for educational purpose.

    Your article is filled with keywords.Do you think you can go high in ranking with this in Google? Think twice. This is waaay too stuffed text with keywords,and it is not written for human,but for Google crawler.
    Advice,do not repeat that much your keywords,bots are not stupid,you know? Smartest guys on planet make those, so don’t be fooled.
    Btw,whats the catch with the word ” Uncle ” ??

    Oh,and your image needs alt=”make money blog”

  14. bloggernoob

    thanks all for making a noob feel some love. i randomly selected one of you for the “uncle” prize. congrats tim from yimto dot com. email me at admin@bloggernoob.com with your paypal email, and i will send your prize money. :) thanks again for reading the article all the way through, i know how hard it is to read. especially boring make money blog posts.

  15. ccRicers

    You said it bluntly, noob. The make money niche is one big link-spamming circle jerk now. Nowhere else do I see a trend becoming so strong in other communities. Not in the video games community, web designer community, etc.

    I realize I am still ass when it comes to making traffic to websites, blogs or no blogs, so I’m holding off from putting ads for quite a while.

    If you want to read a blog that’s all about the cynical attitude towards make money blogs, read cantgetrich.com. The domain name should tell you how frank the writer is about monetizing websites.

  16. the noob Post author

    ben- most bloggers are lazy and lack creativity. explains why most people try to copy chow. and also explains why most websites looks like shit. also explains why when u first start a blog, you’re alexa is over 10 mil, but after a few posts, it shoots up to under a million. that means that there a blog with 3 posts is better then 9 million other blogs. most people quit when they realize how hard it is to grow a website. blogging isn’t easy.

    2thepoint- hmmm…don’t get me started.

    bill- 12 times might be an hyperbole. i would say the figure is close to 11. yes tough tough. naughty naughty, u didn’t read my post all the way through. no uncle?

    ron- good to hear, jc and shoe are hard to quit for noobs, it tooks me a while to see the light.

    tim- it’s hard to practice what you preach. i don’t think i do either. that’s why im not a christian, don’t think i could live a certain way. why set myself up for failure. i’ll only feel all negative. i’ll only force myself into more hypocracy

    witchypoo- haha. you really liked the DD BJ huh.? :)

    ditto- yup yup. if i can get to around 2k visits a day, i can start writing restaurant reviews and still make some nice pocket change.

    clark- nice! yeah, it’s mmb burnout. or my damn wedding stresses.

    timothy- yeah, i do feed vacations with a couple of my other blogs. don’t think i’ll do it here, but the noob needs some R&A. u make some good points, but i try not to bother my subscribers with spam email. maybe i will look into it when i get desperate for cash, until then, no spamming for the noob.

    garg- totally understandable. hard to for me to write posts sometimes, wish i could just post pics of hot females and write a one word caption like perez hilton. or i can has cheeseburger. i should start a i can has cheeseburger for hot chicks.

    nards- haha thanks. i like my noob pictures. and im glad u do too. most people trash it. but deep down, they all love the noob.

    tim- thanks tim. congrats on the mini prize. starbucks or micky d with that money? 😉

    mike- thanks, i love blogging, it’s still fun for me. just had one of those days.

    jared- maybe you’re right. compared to most make money blogs, i’m probably doing pretty well. just get stuck at times. cause there really isn’t much to say about making money online. it’s hard to update daily on mmo blgs. out of the majors, that’s why i respect doshdosh more then chow. seems more legit. chow is just informercial after informercial. doshdosh has oroginal programming at least.

    tom- haha. good one. i prefer brunettes tho, but i’m glad u like the blonde.

    c5- thanks. very good compliment. i didn’t mean for this post to draw compliments. just wanted to get a rant out. i’m glad u enjoyed it. but keep this on the downlow. don’t want people to mistake it as arse kissing.

    chicago- yeah, i have like 50 blogs. i don’t update them as often as this one tho. thanks god. i write on the fly. i have a gift, i can just ramble on and on. it helps that my vocab isn’t so high, and that my grammer is bad. lets me write without editing. :) i live in chicago too. welcome. Da Bayers! Chitown pizza is the bomb.

    ided- haha. nice way to include uncle. points for creativity. tim won the mini prize, but i do a lot of them, so if u visit my blog, im pretty sure you’ll win at least one in the coming months. thanks for visiting.

    anthony- happy passover to you too. yeah a lot of uncles, i figured there was only going to be like 5 uncles. i was way off.

    steve- haha. uncle niche.

    cvrle77- u think so? u think the smartest guys on the planet work for google? not nasa or something? google is big shit, but it’s not all about the money is it? it’s not all about the make money blogs is it? making money online isn’t just about google. you can make money online with yahoo too. make money blogs can also be spotted by microsoft. altavista? warning warning, danger will robinson. robot malfunction. thanks for the headsup on the image alt tag. im too lazy but when i change my robot blogging style, i’ll use ur suggestion. 😉

    ccricers- glad we see eye to on this. i just need to find me a circle to jerk so i can make some more money with this blog. u want join my circle? :)

    tim- congrats again tim. nothing major but it’s nice to get a little treat.

    youngonlinemillionaire- most people get lost in translations. get it…..i’m awesome

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