Why blogging is super duper fun

six.jpgSix reasons why blogging is super duper fun.

1. It’s a lot like Christmas. You wake up and can’t wait to log in to google analytics to see if your traffic stats went up.

2. Someone is actually listening to what you have to say. It’s always important to be heard. Most of the time our voice is kept silent buy the busy world. With your blog, you can see that people actually read what you have to say. They comment and on a rare occasion you development a type of friendship.

3. You make money. It’s like gambling. Scratch that. It’s like poker.(more skill involved) You put your time into it, you practice, and you get money. It’s more like a game as opposed to work.

4. You make money by not doing anything. Passive income. You don’t see a lot of this when you’re starting out, but once you’re blog grows it’s all gravy. People click on links that you posted months ago and you get paid. People want to place monthly paid ads on your blog. How awesome is that.

5. Chicks dig bloggers. Look at Ron shoemoney.

6. It’s like a video game. I’m a fan of video games. Not the kill you by slicing your head off type of games, but rather, role playing and strategy games. I love starcraft. It’s a big stress reliever. I’m also a fan of this game called Harvest Moon on Nintendo DS. I first played the gameboy advance version and i got hooked. The point of the game is to build up your farm. You have to constantly plant, water and harvest your crops. You make money and buy stuff for people in the neighborhood. It’s fun because it shows you that hard work pays. Same thing with blogs. If you work at it, you’ll see the results. Simple as that. You build links(plant), write content(water), and get paid(harvest).

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