Why did i start this blog?

A long long time ago i was stumbled on to a video site. you might have heard of it. youtube. well i was hooked and i started my own page cause i wanted to make little clips for fun. mind you, i don’t like doing stuff on the web like friendster or myspace. but this youtube thing was amazing. it was cool seeing people comment on my stupid little videos. seriously i don’t think the stuff i made was any good. it was purely for fun. one of my videos got really popular. it got over a million hits. i was shocked. Got me thinking about setting up my own website. just for fun…like how i started my youtube page. I figure if i can get a million hits on youtube with a silly little video, then i can make a blog and at least get a thousand or so visitors. there you go. thats why i started blogging. (note to self) i should put this on my about us page.

my youtube clip that got a million hits.

2 thoughts on “Why did i start this blog?

  1. bloggernoob

    Thanks. i was being stupid when i made it. it was fun making it tho. got me thinking maybe i should set up a website. thanks for commenting

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