Why does everything seem like a pyramid scheme?

pyramid.jpgThe thing that kept me from starting my own blog sooner was the fact that there are a lot of scams on the internet. A lot of “make $5000/month stuffing envelopes, make $4000/month filling out surveys, and beach bum makes quarter million from his laptop.” Makes logical folks shy away from internet marketing.

It’s like those infomercials. They are always useless. Of course they contain general, logical, easy to understand ways to make money, but you don’t get anything specific.

Internet ebooks are the same. If you browsed through one…you’ve read it all. They’ll tell you that affiliate links make you money. Where to get the affiliate links. Testimonials. How much they made. And more Testimonials. Gees. Its like a Hollywood teen movie. If you seen one, you’ve seen them all.

That’s why I’m not a fan of deal dot com. Selling ebooks??? I think my readers are smarter then that. I’d much rather place a PPP ad.

I tend to shy away from multi tier systems. One, they only work for the lucky few who get in early. If i read about it on johnchow dot com, then i know its already too late for me. Only person who’ll make money off of it is John Chow. Look at Agloco. Two, isn’t a multi tier system a pyramid scheme? I’m no linguist but i think the definition of a pyramid scheme is “multiple tier system” (I know not all are pyramid schemes. Only the ones with huge payouts for the starting few)

4 thoughts on “Why does everything seem like a pyramid scheme?

  1. Webster12

    Hey..thanks for stopping by and adding me as a friend.

    There are a lot of scams out there.

    I was trying to earn money from blogging and I’ve looked almost everywhere just to earn some extra cash.

    I recently got accepted in sponsored review..i think you’ve used it…so how does it fair? is it a scam or do u actually get paid for it?

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  3. Lethbridge YQL

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