Why I took down TTZ Widget

Five reason why i took down the TTZ widget. Only need one reason to take down an ad but this thing came with 5.

1. It was slowing down my site. The TTZ affiliate link took a long time to load. Is it in beta?

2. It didn’t look like a web 2.0 widget. Just a square box? I know johnchow doesn’t have the financial backings of a major corporation but still. Shoemoney made a prettier widget with auctionads.

3. Can’t really monetize electronics with my blog. If i could i would probably use a different affiliate anyway.

4. The referral bonus sounds good but in reality i don’t think the people who sign up under me will use it much either. I figure if i don’t want to use it, then i shouldn’t try to market it to my readers. Same reason i don’t push deal dot com. Better to spend more time on another project.

5. It is dial up modem slow. I put it up yesterday and kept wonder why my site was loading slow. I found out why when i finally removed it from my site. I’m just repeating my first reason but wanted to stress the importance of fast load time for websites.