Why income reports make money online

lacey chabert income reports make money onlineThe catch 22 about starting a make money online blogs is that you had to have already made money for you to make money online with that blog. That was a mouthful. Basically, if you dont already make money online, then you can’t make money online. Huh? Bloggernoob dot com makes money online. It didn’t always make money online. It was hard to monetize this site in the early stages. It was difficult because bloggernoob was a MMO blog that didn’t already make money. I think my blog became successful because i put in a lot of work. I think there was a lot of luck involved as well. I tried out a lot of different things and i learned a lot with this blog. I’ve learned that income reports help in making money online.

Why do income reports help in making money online? Easy! It’s because people need to see that money can be made online. When a new visitor comes to your site, they’re not inclined to click on one of those 125×125 sidebar ads. First off, they probably are not interested in any of that. Secondly, they can sense that it’s an ad. That’s why income reports are important in monetizing your site. When you write up income reports, put in your affiliate links. Once a visitor sees your income, they will click to see if they can replicate what you just did.

I know for a fact that income reports work. Each month, when i publish my income report, i get new referral sign ups. During the rest of the month, only a few will sign up. But the day i post my income reports, i get over ten referrals. It’s not coincidence.

In honor of this post, and I wanted to link to all of my income reports. (I don’t want to till the end of June to get some more referral signup) Also, it might be interesting for you guys to see how my blog has progressed. Here are my past income reports.

Almost $500.00

First month’s income

Referral income

My first $1000.00

50 day anniversary

2007 income report

income after 100 days

income after 125 days

6 months income

7 months income

12 thoughts on “Why income reports make money online

  1. bloggernoob

    masud- i don’t know about rich. but yeah, u can make money online. 😉

    desmond- yup. now u know and knowing is half the battle.

    james- thanks

    john- thanks. hmm. are u james, john?

  2. Bob from http://www.weekendeasycash.com

    Income Reports – I have not heard of those – thanks for the tips.

    100 Dollars a day online would be fantastic. Imagine if you can make it passive as well. Just a few hours work to make some good cash.

    This is acheivable with other means such as Adsense. If you apply your skills – making cash online can be easy.

    I will have to check out income reports.

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  4. the noob Post author

    bob- you’ve never heard of income reports? you’ve obvious new to the game. Welcome noob! 😉 yeah $100/day passsive would be sweet. It’s hard at first, but i think as long as you keep developing new sites, it can come. Maybe not with just one site, but with your collection of site.

    susan- thanks

    jared- nice. and hopefully you’ll match that with your mmo blog.

  5. travel agents

    How is it that just anybody can write a blog and get as popular as this? Its not like youve said anything extremely impressive –more like youve painted a quite picture around an issue that you know nothing about! I dont want to sound mean, right here. But do you seriously think that you can get away with adding some pretty pictures and not really say anything?

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