Why paid posting is better then google adsense

no_tshirts-795480.jpgI’m a big advocate for paid posting. A lot of BloggerNoob’s income comes from paid posting. Paid posting makes it possible for a new blog to start monetizing right away. You don’t have to wait a year to start monetizing your site. Running a blog takes a lot of hard work and it can be very time consuming in the first couple of months. It’s a plus to be paid even a little for your troubles. People say adsense this and adsense that, but honestly, you only make a few dollars from adsense. Making $10 dollars a day from adsense is very very difficult to do. On the flip side, making $10 a day with paid posting is so easy. Paid posting is not always lollipops and sugarcanes. There are disadvantages too.

The Cons of paid posting.
Your readers can reject your blog if you have too many paid posts. You shouldn’t just take every available paid posting gig they offer. Try to make it relevant with your site. Don’t neglect your regular posts. Don’t turn your blog into a paid posting blog. Make sure your original posts don’t get compromised by the time you spend on paid posts. If you have solid content in between your paid posts, your readers won’t get so turned off by them.

Google taxes blogs that write paid posts. The google monopoly, like all monopolies, like to scare away the competition. They use bullying techniques to stop people from using anything other then their product or services. I really hate adsense, and my new blog doesn’t have a PR so i don’t care much but people with PR have been hit pretty hard.

It takes time to research the site you are sponsored to write about. Time is a big factor with blogging. Nobody wants to spend an hour for a $5 post. Try to find a good balanced load of paid posts and your regular content.

The Pros of paid posting.
Already I’m starting to get higher paying posting gigs. I started with $5 posts but now i regularly get $15 posting opportunities. It’s actually worth my time now to do these paid posts. Don’t get too impatient in the early stages of your blog. Keep growing your blog and you’ll start seeing more opportunities and higher paying ones. Paid posting is great for young blogs cause you don’t have to fear google. Who cares about PR when you don’t have one yet. The best thing to do is set up two blogs in the same niche. You’ll have to do a bit more work but it could be worth it. Set one up without any paid posts so you can grow your PR. With the other, take as many paid posting offers as possible. Win win situation.

These are the paid posting sites i recommend. Payperpost. Smorty. Sponsoredreviews.

28 thoughts on “Why paid posting is better then google adsense

  1. Beth

    You have no idea how much I want that t-shirt. The only reason Google cracked down are due to the points you mentioned. Adsense has been and always will be a waste of time for the smaller blogs. The biggest problem, though, are the bloggers who do choose any and every paid post available, whether it’s relevant to their blog or not. I choose topics I can relate to my life, or feel my readers may be interested in-and I have yet to have one complaint.

  2. black.pixie

    I DEFINITELY agree with you, Noob. In my whole time of Adsensing my blog(s), I’ve made a total of (wait for it) $4.55. For what? I make more doing just one paid post, I get to use my brain too and I feel more valued for my writing skills than spending hours on end trying to optimise my adsense ads and checking my google earnings like some kind of badly-broken record.

    Paid posts do more for my esteem than Adsense ever did as it’s good to know, feel and see the results of the effort I put in.

    PR? What’s that? I don’t care much for PR, Google doesn’t pay my bills, neither does it own the internet (or my soul for that matter).

    Keep it up, Noob. You, my friend, are doing a great job.

  3. bloggernoob

    beth- if you want that tshirt, i’ll make one on cafe press. or lets partner up to make google sucks tshirts. maybe make some side income off of our hate for googopoly.

    black.pixie-thanks for your encouraging words. i’ll do the best i can. mind you, i’m still a noob.

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    Paid post? The only paid posting I know is offering your services to post on forums. There are paid reviews but never heard of paid posting on blogs. What is that all about? Makes no sense and why would google punish you?

  6. Scott

    haha I just hate having to wait for 3 months before I can start posting. I always create new blogs and can’t seem to find ways to make money with them right from the get go. It’s demotivating, and then I want to start over haha.

  7. iTunes

    Well, reading through this, it does make sense that paid posting would be better. Very interesting topic…also one reason why I don’t use adsense anymore.

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