Why personal blog do not make any money

The most popular type of blogs that people set up are “personal journal” types. These types of blog are the hardest to monetize. My blog falls into the “blog about blogging” category. This “make money online” blog is in a very competitive niche. But, it is still easier to make money with this type of blog as opposed to a personal journal blog. I personally love reading personal journal blog. I think that these blogs are well written and have a lot of soul. But, these types of blogs are all over the place. It is hard for Google to determine what your blog should rank for. Because there isn’t a clear direction with the blog, you will have a hard to finding advertisers or search engine traffic. There are some exceptions to the rule. The blog over at dooce dot com is a good example. But, for noobies, you should not expect to make a lot of money with your personal blog.

What is my advice for people who currently run personal journal blogs? I say start another blog. Start a blog with a clear focus. Try to think of a hobby that you really like. Start a blog about that. Find affiliate links that match your hobby and build up a lot of links. Think of a lot of search terms that people might search for. Build up your site to rank well for those keywords. Write on your personal journal blog for fun. For money, start a new niche blog.

17 thoughts on “Why personal blog do not make any money

  1. sir jorge

    I had a personal blog and was making $300 a month on it. It was 4 years old. Then I started working for a huge company and they said I had to take it down as it interfered with public perception. So it can make money.

  2. Living on Adsense Blog

    I just combined the 2. My blog is both personal and MMO. It’s the story of my journey. has worked out really well for me thus far. It’s a great blogging format to get started. I highly recommend

  3. Bleuken

    I agree that personal blogs should be separated from MMO one. However, if the personal opinions and posts about your life may earn why not? But as you said, it is difficult compared to other types of blogs.

  4. Eric P. Martin

    I would like to say that while my personal blog may not make a lot of money now, it not to say that it won’t in the future.

    I think lessons in history prove that barriers can be broken (4 minute mile.)

    The Blog Novice

  5. mike

    Hello again! Yeah, I never had really and desire to do a personal blog. I got lucky ha. I don’t think many would be interested in mine anyway.

  6. Norm

    Personal blogs main issue is they talk about to many different subjects, there is no focus. If the idea is to monetize then it should focus on something specific.

    However I love reading other personal MMO blogs. Combining your personal experiences and stories is great way to help and motivate other people. My MMO blog is more of a way to track my progress whether people find it helpful or not is another story.


  7. Frank

    Personal blogs can still be profitable if the blogger is a famous persorn, but otherwise I agree that Joe Doe will hardly get any interest from anyone.

  8. Bingkee

    I don’t agree that personal blogs cannot make any money. I know “personal friends” (neighbors and classmates ) who are bloggers on the personal category make so much money through their blogs—not really about $150,000 /yr but about $1,000 to $2,000 a month. This is good money especially to personal bloggers who just stay home.

  9. Linkmoko

    In my oen personal view personal blog can sometimes make you money of it. For example i have also a personal blog and i earn money thru Google adsense. It gaves me $250 up to $300 a month through my personal blog. I think it depend on how you promote your blog to make it profitable. Just to share my own idea. Thanks

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