Why PR3 is the magic number

I’ve found that in order to make some decent money with you blog, you need to have PR3 or higher. Bloggernoob only has PR2. It’s a damn shame too cause i have a lot of links pointing to this blog. The reason my PR is low is because i did a lot of paid plugs on this blog when i first started. Since this blog is all about making money online, i will continue to do anything and everything to make money from it. This blog is sort of my main blog. But, i have a nice collection of other blogs that i use to squeeze some extra cash into my pocket. I’ve learned that the blogs become easier to monetize when you have a pagerank of 3.

When you first start a new blog, it is important to quickly put up a few posts right away. You should link to authority sites in those posts and include a lot of the keywords that you are trying for. Then, you need to build links to those blogs. Get links to the homepage and links to individual posts. Make sure that the proper anchoring text is used. Doing this should get you indexed by google and you should get some sort of PR during the next Google toolbar update.

It’s rather easy to get PR1 or PR2 on your blog. But, you will find that you won’t make that much with these blogs. You have to try to get PR3 if you want to consistently make money. So, now you have to dig a bit deeper. You now need to build up your PR1 and PR2 blogs to PR3 and PR4 or higher. This requires a lot, of keyword links. This is time consuming and kinda boring, but you need to do this.

Now you’re asking, “How do i build links?” Well, there are a lot of ways to get links. You can leave comments on do follow blogs for some links. You can also trade links in web forums with other noobies. Or you can buy links. Or, if you have a lot of different sites, you can give links to yourself. You can even write lenses on squidoo or other content sites for links. If you have some sort of PR, you will find that it gets easier to get more links. It’s only hard in the beginning.

Once you have PR3 or higher on your blog, now you can go out and get some work. You can sell text links or blog reviews. People will pay for it cause of your Google juice. Your PR3 blog is now bankable. You will also get more paid plugging opportunities cause of your higher PR. If you worked your keywords properly, you should be getting search engine traffic. You should study the type of traffic you get and either set up affiliate links or adsense on your blog. This should add some nice passive income to blog. (NOTE: If you sell links, or do paid plugging, you can end up losing your PR. You have to balance it out or have a new set up PR blogs for the next update if you want to continue making money with you blogs.)

Anyway, the financial crisis has a lot of the retail giants scared. Black Friday is already here and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Imma go out and get some Christmas presents for real cheap. Let what i wrote marinate. Have a goal of getting your blog to PR3 and you will see more cash flow into your pocket. Noob out!

18 thoughts on “Why PR3 is the magic number

  1. nitro2k01

    Holy crap! I’m a PR3, and I didn’t even try. I think that if I did anything right, it was to create content that people people will link virally to, like these answers. And if you did anything wrong, it’s your MMO links, and paid links etc. (I’m guessing Google will punish those who try to raise others PR)
    Of course PR is not everything. Your blog is probably more interesting for the general public, and you make more money than me (That is, you make money at all)
    I recently decided to try out adsense, but since I don’t really like ads, I’ve only enabled it for external referrers. (Which is about 50% of my traffic) so far I haven’t even made $2.

  2. Toga A.C.

    Because of your tips, now I’m in progress to buy and maintenance some PR domain. I also do blog farming to keep the PR. So, thanks the noob for all your tips :)

  3. mike

    Hi Noob! I started my 25th blog today. I have on each of the blogs 10 of my other blogs listed. So they probably get some PR spread around. The highest is a PR 4 and only on one blog. The rest are 3 and lower.

  4. The Computer Lady

    Hey Noob,

    Glad to see you posting on a more regular basis.

    I am confused about why I should link TO authority sites. I thought the idea was to get them to link to me.

    I have several PR3 blogs and they don’t get much search engine traffic. I know some of it has to do with the fact that my domain name doesn’t make the keywords I use all of the time. But still, having a PR3 site should get me SOME search engine traffic right?

    Take for instance, http://www.thecomputerladyonline.com No search engine traffic. Some of that is my fault. A few years ago I had tons of pages and I removed some of them because they were personal pages and not relevant to what I am talking about. I think that hurt me but I didn’t have a clue at the time. Today I created a sitemap.xml page and submitted it to Google using their Webmaster Tools and resubmitted my site to Google. Maybe that will help.

    When getting links into my sites should I have people link to the homepage or subpages. Which is better?

    I have at least 6 DoFollow sites if anyone wants to trade links.

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  6. Taylor

    Page rank 3 does seem like the magic number. I am sitting at a PR2 on two of my sites, but Video Blogging Tips should be a 3 by the next update.

    (one of my pages has a pr3)

  7. Ned Carey

    I got a PR 2 fairly quickly so I thought I would get a PR3 soon but it seems you are right, it is a big jump from 2 to 3.

    Sometimes I feel like I am pretty close when I see how many searches bring me up on page 1. But then when I see some very well written and established blogs have only a 3 I realize it’s a tough nut to crack.

  8. Juan Bielsa


    You say this is your main blog. Well, I’ll tell you something: this is a great blog. With honest information about making money online and… simple, yes, that’s important. This blog is intelligently simple.

    There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there. But… why do I visit this blog frequently now and then? I find honestity, that’s all. And the voice of a man, who declares his successes and defeats in his adventure online, without lies. That’s very valuable.

    PR2… PR2… But you have a lot of readers who trust you. That’s very important as well. http://www.bloggernoob.com can have an important place on the blogosphere.

    Juan Bielsa

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