Why you should leave blogger

googlesucks.jpgIt’s safe to say that most bloggers are on free hosting. Even though you just blogging for fun, wouldn’t you rather have your own domain and hosting? I’m going to list 10 reasons why you should leave blogger.com

1. It’s owned by google.
2. Can’t become a serious blogger when you’re on a free platform.
3. Can’t join certain affiliate or paid posting programs.
4. Don’t completely own your own work.
5. You don’t get your own email.
6. Slow loading.
7. What if your blog grows?
8. Shared hosting is cheap. You can start with $5/month.An Hosting
9. The blog will pay for itself if you do one paid posting a month.
10. Did i mention it’s owned by google?

14 thoughts on “Why you should leave blogger

  1. Tremium

    Hehe I’ve never liked blogger. For me, WordPress is better because the community is way bigger, I can download a lot of plugins for WordPress and some good themes.

    I’ve tried blogger a while ago, but after one hour I got sick of it. Couldn’t find some decent themes for it, and I really suck in designing.

  2. Nick

    Hey Noob,
    I like your post! I think you’re being a bit harsh on Google though. I agree that they have the internet search market a bit cornered, but I don’t think they’re so bad that you need to stay away from the all together.
    I do think, however, that to be taken seriously as a blogger having your own domain name, own template, and own website goes a long way to lend to your credibility.
    Whenever I see a blog on blogger or wordpress.com or wherever, I kind of shrug it off as something that won’t be around for a long time.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. black.pixie

    Hi Noob

    I have a couple of blogspot blogs. I think it’s a great way of testing ideas out, but ultimately, I’d like to move one or two of them over to their own domain.

    When you have one company with their hands in too many pies, it does make me feel uneasy and my natural urge tends to tell to become less dependant on them. Google owns too much for my comfort, so that’s yet another reason why I’d like to move some of my blogs over to their own domains. The ones that’ll remain in blogspot will be the ones I end up not feeling that passionate about.

    I like your blog. I read it regularly. Keep it up.

    and take care…

  4. ryan

    I like WordPress much better. I think if you are serious about blogging you should buy a Reseller hosting account or Dedicated Server. I have 5 GB Disk and 50 GB bandwidth for all my blogs and they fit nicely. Plus, if they cost me more I can upgrade easily. :)

  5. Chica

    This place rocks, I have only been here maybe ten minutes and have already found out a few things I have wanted to know, and couldn’t find the answers to. Your going in my linklist. :)

  6. Andy

    I started off with blogger and I publish it via FTP to my own server on a subdomain. However I am now realizing the drawbacks. They just got rid of the URL field when people leave comments. So now I have a choice, go with a 3rd party comment provider like HaloScan or switch over to WordPress. Either way it is going to be a HUUUUGE pain to make the transiton. I should have started with WP in the beginning.

  7. bloggernoob

    tremium-if you’re gonna blog, why not do it right. spend a few bucks. just skip starbucks once a month.

    nick-me harsh on google? im just bitter cause they booted me from adsense a while ago. best thing that happened to me. thanks for your encouraging words mate.

    chris jacobson-it’s easy to hate the giant. they were cool when they were young startups. but now that google is the master…i hate em. they’ve become a monopoly.

    black.pixie-seems like we’re on the same wavelength my friend.

    ryan-what hosting provider?

    chica-wow. thanks chica. your words make me want to keep posting.

    andy-amen brother. if you’re going to do something…do it right from the beginning.

    el di pablo-thats good at least you got your own domain. still think you should get your own hosting. if you don’t want to switch over your site….for your next blog then.

    jack payne-have you tired a blog out on your own hosting? once u go self hosting, you never turn back. i can’t imagine ever setting up a blog on google.

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