Why you should only buy dot com domains

phoebe cates makes money onlineMany of you know that i’ve been getting into domaining. I like playing around with domain names because it’s somewhat similar to what i do as my day job. Domain names are the virtual real estate of the web. Like real estate, they go up in value. Some domain names are listed for millions of dollars. I also like playing with domains because it reminds me of my youth. When i was a young kid, i used to collect baseball cards. I would buy Becket magazine and check to see if my cards went up or not. I had a pretty valuable collection of trading cards. When you’re buying domains, you have to be careful to not buy useless names. Don’t buy names that are too long and stay away from unpronounceable names. Lastly, if you want to make money online, you should only buy dot com domains.

Last week, they announced that they will set up dot whatever extensions. This caused quite a stir in the domain community, but it’ll blow over quick. The money that have been invested into dot coms won’t be in vain. The extension that matters is dot com. People only want to buy dot coms. All of the big sites are dot coms. Do you punch in myspace dot info to get your social network fix? Didn’t think so.

Domain registrars try to bait you into buying dot org or dot info domains. Sometimes, they’ll give you a heavy discount for the first year. Don’t fall it for noobies. If you register a dot info for 99 cents, you just lost 99 cents. When a year passes, you’ll have to spend ten bucks to renew that domain. Sadly, i’ve given up on all of my dot info domains. That’s why i’m giving them away. I don’t want to renew them. I’d rather pay the same price to renew a dot com.

14 thoughts on “Why you should only buy dot com domains

  1. Anthony

    Ahhh dot info’s. I went out and bought 20 dictionary word dot info’s thinking i was the only guy in the world who had found them.

    The path of the Noobie!


  2. the noob Post author

    anthony- yeah. you don’t learn unless you spend some money. an old poker friend told me that all of his losses were money well spent cause it paid for his poker education. It’s true of most business ventures. The guys that come out on top at the end are the ones that keep trying. If you don’t mess up, you’re probably doing something wrong. 😉 if those dot info domains are show dictionary words, then it’s all good. U got them for 99 cents each or 1.99 each? The only bummer will be next year when you have to register them at reguarly price. But if you develop all sites, then it’s worth it. you’re sure to make at least 10 bucks per domain. 😉

  3. Anthony

    yeah 99 cents. I’m thinking of putting BANS on them (once i have enough cash for the software!)
    Do u think they’ll go alright in google?

  4. the noob Post author

    anthony- U gonna buy niche store writer? If you work the ultra specific niche and work those long string search terms, i think you’ll be able to pull your initial investment in a couple of months. 😉 What do you mean go alright in google?

  5. Anthony

    Either BANS or PHPbay Pro – currently trying out PHPbay the free version on my first bans site iphoneauctions.com.au

    I mean if i set it all up properly, will google treat me like a dot com, or will the dot info’s be penalized?

  6. the noob Post author

    anthony- to my knowledge. google doesn’t penalize non dot com extensions. I have a few dot net, org, info sites that rank high for their own individual search terms. You should be good. 😉

  7. the noob Post author

    Mostly, my post was about how it sucks when it comes time for renewal, cause it’s the same price as dot com renewals. If dot info renewal was 99 cents or 1.99, i’d buy up a lot of them. but since it’s not, i’ll go ahead with buying dot coms. Also, dot coms have higher resell prices. Domainers mostly deal in dot coms. And end users mostly look to purchase dot coms to launch a new site.

  8. Anthony

    Cool… understood. My plan is to make use of my dictionary dot info’s on some related BANS and buy up some good dot coms with the income. If times comes for renewal and they’re not worth it, can always let them go.

    Whats niche store writer? Is that different from BANS?

  9. the noob Post author

    anthony- it’s like we’re chatting up in here. 😉 niche store writer is a program that helps you set up BANS.

  10. nitro2k01

    Avoid .info’s, agreed. But the title is misleading. .net’s and .org’s will still work fine of course. 😉
    (.org depending on what you’re planning to use the domain for)

  11. Rob

    Hey noob,

    Just wondering… You’re into website flipping, right? If so, where do you sell your finished products at most effectively?

  12. the noob Post author

    nitro- for the most part, i think noobies should stick with dot coms. if the cost of renewal and registration is same, might as well get dot com. i’m not a fan of dot net or dot orgs either. i have a few in my portolio, but i want to get rid of them. 😉

    rob- i haven’t flipped a lot of websites. I’ve sold a couple small ones for 3 figures. nothing special. usually, u sell it on sitepoint. or if you have blogging contacts or blogging friends, u can sell it to them.

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