Why you shouldn’t trust make money online income reports

sofie marceau doesn\'t fake her income reportI think a lot of newb bloggers are interested in income reports. When i was a newb, i loved reading about how much chow or whomever made. I didn’t question the income reports nor did i ever suspect people of forging such reports. I now realize that a lot of these income reports are false. Maybe not all of them are fake, just most of them. Even my income reports don’t tell the full story. I don’t keep exact books. I also report income that hasn’t been cleared. I’m still waiting on a lot of the referral income.

If an honest blogger like me has questionable income reports, don’t you think that other sleazy Make Money Online bloggers do too. Do you guys realize how easy it is to doctor income reports. Most don’t even show proof of income. Even if they posted screenshots, isn’t it easy to photoshop those suckers? I’m saying that the MMO niche is filled with hustlers. A lot of these guys sell you bogus programs, so you know that their income reports are false.

Selling the “make money online” dream is hard. You have to show off a lot of bling. You have to paste the 6 figure google check for anyone to take notice. So, it makes sense that a lot of MMO bloggers choose to put up fake numbers. They all pretend that they are authorities in the niche. They like to play the “i’m a rich guy and you’re not” card. Don’t buy into these scams noobies!

I know that it’s hard to make money online. I like to think that i’m pretty good at it, but i still find days where i feel lost. It’s tempting to find the answers in a 30 dollar ebook. If there was a magical 30 dollar ebook, i’d be the first to buy it. But don’t pay for shit newbies! It’s all a scam. Why pay when you can find info for free. Trust me, you’ll get disappointed if you buy those ebooks. You’ll realize that 90 percents of the stuff in that ebook, you already know. And the other 10 percent, is stuff that you wouldn’t do anyway.

I will be posting my June 08 income report soon. When you read it, read it with a critical eye. Remember, my a lot of the stated referral income hasn’t been collected yet. In the next few days, a lot of MMO blogs will post their income reports. Remember that all of them have been edited somewhat. None of those income reports are accurate.

23 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t trust make money online income reports

  1. Anthony

    Blogger Noob blows the bullsh*t out of the water, yet again, leaving the scattered remnants of cheap jewelry & fake monopoly money.

    He rises out of the quagmire, snorkelling mask on, with a single dollar bill.

    He may not be the richest or the best, but he’s probably the most honest


  2. the noob Post author

    anthony- stop blowing smoke up my arse anthony. poetic verse you wrote there…and who says i’m not the richest or the bestest?

  3. Earnblogger

    I never take income reports seriously. The reason is simple. I believe that most of those income reports are false. Well, it doesn’t mean that I don’t read those reports. At least some of them gives me a reason to laugh! BTW, I have no plans to post my income report, even if my online income increases 100 times.

  4. the noob Post author

    earnblogger- it’s fun to read. i get a nice chuckle from them as well. the sad this is that it works. showing income reports will get you referals and people will click. most newbie bloggers or people who want to enter this game will click only when they see these falsified income reports.

  5. Dena

    I agree, I think that most MMO blogs are overstating their income and have absolutely no proof to back it up. On the other hand, I think there are few people out there who are making what they say because they have the traffic and “branding” to support. Everyone knows who they are, that’s why I call it branding.

  6. bloggernoob

    dena- i still say that everyone lies on their income reports. regardless of if they are nobodies or one of the more popular mmo blogs. it’s human nature to lie.

  7. Me

    Hey Noob!

    I throw up an income report at the end of every month. I can’t control whether people believe it or not – and I wouldn’t want to. However, I make a humble amount so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

    More importantly, as long as I know I’m being honest, then I’m more at peace with whatever people might think (or not think).

  8. Dexter | Techathand.net

    Well I never take those income reports seriously, but I believe due to their fame those putting their income report might be real. At first I don’t believe it, But after seeing some true friends earning a lot in MMO well i can say there is possibility

  9. chris at Synpro

    I have spent $30 on an ebook, only to realize it was a bunch of fluff. So I dont recommend wasting your money there. As far as inflated income reports, nothing new there most people think they make more then they actually do.

  10. jjmomscashblog

    Noob,Are you saying that you also don’t believe the guy that is laying on a lawn chair soaking up the sun in some exotic island with his laptop sipping pina colada’s? He’s telling us that we can make $1k a month or something like that! I thought that was all true…damn

  11. Allen

    Income reports will either make you envious or doubtful. It’s best to ignore them and keep tracking your own income. :)

  12. Sandy

    From what I’ve seen it’s the young men who believe these stories. They believe whatever a confident man tells them, then when they find out it’s all a lie they follow that example too. It is quite sad that they can be so easily led.

  13. rebuilder

    I do have a question? how about yugatech, his site is not make money online but on an interview with him, he said that his earning is around $5000 a month! does it mean he’s one of those suckers?

  14. the noob Post author

    me- it’s good to throw up income reports. i do and they are usually the best way to get referral income. that’s a good way to live. just be honest with yourself. that’s what i try to do.

    dexter- anything is possible. i’m just saying that you should always have a critical/skeptical eye. especially with sleazy make money online(used car sales mean, pyramid schemer) types. And most of the MMO blog income reports don’t tell the whole story. Do you realize how much chow spends on marketing his blog. maybe half his income.

    wanjiku- as i get older, i trust people less. I know that money makes people lie.

    chris- now u know. and knowing is half the battle. GI Joe. I never bought an ebook, but i threw money away on wordpress books i bought at borders. U gotta throw a little away to make money. 😉

    earnblogger- yup. people are willing to click more when they she flashes of money. that’s why a smart landing page is able to convert into commission.

    allen- yeah. the best way to grow your blog is by spending time on your own blog as opposed to others.

    lord matt- thank you lord. 😉

    jjmomscashblog- i already knew u made a typo. 😉 we’re like this //-)~(-”)

    sandy- maybe. the whole alpha male blogger syndrome. men are such beasts. so stupid. 😉

    rebuilder- yugawho? never heard of it. I would have to check out the site to be sure. If it seems unbelievable, then it probably is false. Good marketing trick tho. If i wrote a post that i make 5k a month, i will get a lot looks for that post. But the hard part is to turn those looks into repeat readers.

  15. Frank C

    I believe them when they say they made $8 and change on Adsense this month and things are really looking up for them next month.

    When they say that they made $1000 with Adsense on a MMO blog exclusively and yet they don’t rank in Google for any Make Money Online terms I don’t believe them.

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