Why you shouldn’t write paid plugs

angelina jolie makes money onlineAs you can tell, i write a lot of paid plugs. It’s a good way monetize your site in the early stages. But after you site gains some traction, you should get off of it. I am planning to not do that many paid plugs in the coming months. I’ve grown my blog enough to where i don’t need it to make money online. I also don’t like that i am forced to write posts in between the paid plugs. It gets pretty tiring. It was cool when i didn’t have that many sites, but now that i multitask, i don’t enjoy it as much.

I plan on keeping bloggernoob for the long haul. This was my first blog and it will always be my baby. I have a lot of other sites that are growing. I don’t need to do paid plugs on this site anymore. I grew my other sites enough to where i can do paid plugs on those sites.

Writing often has it’s good points, but i think that one post a day is more then enough. Anything more is kinda overkill. My posts don’t get read by as many people. When i leave a post up for over a day, it’s usually filled with comments. Google analytics tells me that a lot of people clicked to the individual post. But, on days that i write like 6 posts, those page views get split up. I did more work, with less reward. Writing such posts also cheapens your blog. It also hurts you in the eyes of google.

The more important reason why you shouldn’t write these posts is the fact that you’re not making much off of them. Why take an upfront fee of $10 when you can stretch it out with an affiliate review and make $100. Affiliate marketing is the way to go. Don’t rely too much on these type of posts. I’m learning that it’s not that great.

8 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t write paid plugs

  1. Offgrid Living

    I make about $ 0 from affiliate marketing (like Linkshare) . The only Ads that bring anything in are Google Adsense and Kontera – In my experience so far everything else is too much work compared to return – or a waste of valuable advertising space on your blog.

  2. the noob Post author

    offgridliving- I still believe that affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize a blog. It just takes time to grow organic traffic. How much are you currently making with adsense and konetera?

  3. Jared Stenzel

    Noob, you could consider switching it to private sales only. Your blog is getting to the point where asking for $50-100 would not at all be unreasonable. You would probably snag a few buyers each month to offset the cost. You just don’t market it very well. It’s hidden away at the bottom of your advertisement page. Look at Johnchow, doesn’t he have it clearly stated on his home page how much it costs? I get these guys mixed up, maybe it’s another blog. They get 3-4 a month though at over $100.

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- yeah i’m thinking about doing that. i still think that paid plugging is easy money, but sometimes i can tell that i force posts in between. I don’t want to do that. I’ll try to make a minimal income loss switch in the next few months.

    desmond- thanks a bunch desmond. i just need it to get like 1000 more visits a day. 😉

  5. the noob Post author

    freecollegefootball pick- usually, they don’t pay much. anywhere between $3.25- $5 in the beginning. Usually the posts have to be 50-400 words. Usually the low paying ones only require 50-200 words.

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