Why your domain name sucks

kelly ripa dot com makes money onlineThe domain name game is filled with a bunch of dorks. “Domainers” talk in a different language. The language used to be like Klingon to me, but i think i’m becoming one of those guys. Blogging is dorky, but domainers might be dorkier. I don’t know what it is, but i feel myself falling in love with domain names. I think the whole idea of it is amazing. Maybe it’s because my background is in real estate. Investing in domain names is like investing in real estate. It’s like flipping houses, except you don’t have to invest large sums of money, or put your credit on the line. I think investing in and developing domain names is a great way to make money online. You have to be careful tho, cause it’s hard for a noob in the domain kingdom. You could end up buying a bunch of useless domain names.

I now have around 200 domain names in my portfolio. I bought a few for around a thousand dollars each, but most were under a hundred dollars. I now realized that around 50% of my domain names are pretty useless. It’s cause i got a little too over zealous. If I invest the time and energy to set up a small site on each domain, i could always pull out my initial investment. So i’m not too bummed about my off purchases. But i wish i did a little more research about investing in domain names. Here’s a brief overview of what not to do.

Recognizing a good domain name seems easy. But it really isn’t. There are a lot of things to consider. First off, you have to think about selling the domain. Who are you going to sell it to? Secondly, you have to see if popular keywords are part of the domain. And lastly, only buy dot coms. I visit a lot of different websites every day. What i notice is that most people have really crappy domain names. Sometimes the keys to success is not spotting the good, it’s about avoiding the bad. Here is a list of why your domain name sucks.

1. It’s your name. I know a lot of you are johnchow wannabes, but come on! Why would anyone other then you want a domain name with your name on it? And don’t be so vain, your name ain’t special.

2. It’s not spelled properly. Remember the first movie Tom Hanks directed? It was called “That thing you do” Anway, there is a scene in the movie where the record producer changes the spelling of their band. They were called “the Oneders.” One ders. But most people were calling them the Oh Nee Ders. It not clever and very corny. And, can’t spell it. That’s why the record producer guy changed it to the proper spelling, “Wonders”

3. It’s got numbers in it. I know that some successful sites have numbers as part of their domain, but you usually want to avoid that. As a general rule, domains with numbers mixed in with letters, are a hard sell. “Payu2blog, money4blogs, 4bloggers, money4u” all of these examples are lame. It looks unprofessional. Scratch that, it looks childish. I don’t want to learn how to make money online when you spell your “to” with the number 2. And it’s too much work to move my middle finger that extra inch. Leave the digits out of your domains guys.

4. It’s too long. Like tech gear, the smaller the domain, the cooler it is. No body wants to carry around a big 1980’s style cell phone. It’s huge. It won’t fit into your pocket. Same thing with domain names. I don’t want to type an essay to get to your site. Keep it short and sweet.

5. It doesn’t give me a clue about your blog. I visited a blog recently that was called (i forget what it was called, but it sounded like) colorberry dot com. I went there expecting a site about design, or colors, or berries. Something that matched the sound of the domain name. But i was surprised to find a right wing, pseudo politico religious blog. It left a very sour taste in my mouth. Set up a domain that matches the content of your site. Don’t buy a domain name like xxxgirl dot com and set up a bible study blog. Or worst the other way around. (actually the first one is worst…i don’t wanna be in a porn mood and find myself reading the book of Solomon)

I could go on and on but i’ll stop here. I hate long posts. Guys, domain names are great investments, but before you make the jump, research a little bit. Hit up the auctions and forums to get a feel of the current state of the domain industry. It may look easy, but it can be really tricky. The difference of one letter in a domain can determine if it will cost $10 or $10,000.

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  2. Stephen Douglas

    Nice post, bro.

    I advise anyone in the game to first hire a domain consultant to teach them the ropes, or at least buy a few of the domainer ebooks out there. They reveal a lot. I have some CPA links to them on my site, and of course I’d love your readers to come there to buy through my links.

    Some of the good domain consultants out there besides myself are the fine fellows at http://www.domainconsultant.com and my friend Eric Rice at http://www.domainsformedia.com

    Spending less than $2,000 to get the knowledge that makes most good domainers over $100,000 a year in our pajamas is a great investment.

    We domain consultants are really torn between helping others become smart in this industry, and charging for it, and then hurting ourselves by allowing people in to steal domains we might want ourselves. It’s a double edged sword. However, the secrets will come out, so we make a living helping others get rich or make a great living having fun buying domains. I sense you yourself had a good time buying domains, even though you aren’t really happy with your final list.

    There’s a world of facts out there to make money easily in this domain name industry. Get a professional on your side first, and you’ve won the first half of the game.

    much success,

    Stephen Douglas
    BLOG: http://www.Successclick.com

  3. jaswanth

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  4. the noob Post author

    Stephen Douglas- thanks! Thanks for you input on domain consultants. I don’t think i’ll get into that now. but might be an option later down the line. but in my opinion, learning secrets from so called experts is a sham. Most are. It’s like those infomercials that come up late at night. I think those same secrets can be picked up by organically. Or the info is freely available online. just need to look.

    jaswanth- nice plug 😉

  5. Stephen Douglas

    Howdy Noob,

    I’m not sure there are too many domain consultants in our industry to make any of them stand out as “shams” or late night “infomercials”. You can learn how to buy domains that are worth something on your own, using trial and error. That trial and error can very quickly cost you tens of thousands of dollars, like it has for many of my clients who “thought” they had it together, even after a year of trying.

    The books I feature on my blog site have been comprehensively reviewed by me, and I have a blog that reports the quality of the books. None of the books I feature “fail” at what they are teaching, and that is the rudiments of domain buying.

    If you think it’s just as easy to “pick up organically” these “secrets, or you can find them by just looking, then there would be tens of thousands of very rich domain buyers, but there aren’t.

    Every day, 30,000 domains that their owners allowed to expire are on the market at domain auction sites such as http://www.snapnames.com. You can see them, check their quality, or lack of it, but you can understand quickly that these are domains that people bought, then lost, one way or another. That’s money down the drain.

    And what if Snapnames domain list for auction holds a few nice domains that you can see being valuable to own? How much should you pay for it? Should you buy it? How do you make the consideration of that purchase? You need to be educated. If you’re serious about making money because you understand domain investment as being “smart”, getting a consultant for a few months is a wise first step (if the consultant has a track record of success).

    Like any business venture, there are experienced players who can lead you to riches, or just take a few bucks from you and fade away. Those who help you usually have been around ahwile and are known in the business community.

    good luck!

    Stephen Douglas

  6. Stephen Douglas

    To hopefully avoid confusion in my previous post, the Snapnames reference to domains listed there as “being lost” by their previous owners isn’t always true for all the auctions being held by Snapnames. Snapnames also holds “Private Auctions” for domain investors who are selling domains they still own. The domain owner gets the profit sans Snapnames commission when the domain sells. I wasn’t referring to these domains.

    But there are tens of thousands of domains that expire, and are sent to Snapnames by the holding registrars to be sold. The registrars take the profits from the domains their customers let expire that get sold at auction, not the customer who lost the domain. This happens tens of thousands of times a month, which shows how much money domain buyers are losing by first “buying” a domain, then letting it expire, which allows their registrar to put it up for auction and take the sale money themselves. There have been domains that have sold for $100,000+ that a previous owner forgot to renew, and the registrar sold it through an auction site. You can bet that previous domain owner wishes he paid a professional domain consultant to learn how to spot these valuable domains and hold on to them to sell or buildout.

    hope this helps,

    Stephen Douglas

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