Win a domain with BloggerNoob and Kontera

make money online with konteraIt’s a beautiful day here in Chicago. The weather doesn’t get this good out here. I’m a California child so i’ve been spoiled all of my life. I had to come to Chicago to appreciate the weather. Since it’s such a beautiful day in the neighborhood, i wanted to run another contest. This contest will help you make money online. And you can win a nice four letter dot com domain ( How awesome is that! My contact over at Kontera informed me that they are running a hot promotion. For the month of July, they are offering 100% revenue share. You heard me right. 100%.

I know that bloggers tend to be on the lazy side. Sometime, a little push is needed to get things started. I know that a lot of you have not signed up for all of the various money making ad programs. Well, get off your lazy arses and sign up.

Kontera is a major ad network on the web. A lot of the major bloggers who consistently make money online use Kontera to monetize their site. You should already be signed up with them, but if you are not, this is the perfect time to join. They are offering 100% revenue share for new sign ups in the month of July. You have until July 31st to take advantage of this promotion. If that is not incentive enough to join, i will be giving out a domain name to one of my lucky readers. Here are the contest rules.

1. Sign up with Kontera and take advantage of July’s 100% revenue share by following this link.

2. Mention this contest and Kontera’s July 100% revenue share in one of your posts and link to this post.

3. Leave me a comment with the link to your post.

I will announce the winner of the domain name on July 31. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and i reply ASAP.

31 thoughts on “Win a domain with BloggerNoob and Kontera

  1. Barbara Baker

    I have done all of the above…I have signed up to Kontera and have blogged about this contest and linked it back to this post. You can find it here:

    This is a great opportunity your offering your readers and I’m just crossing my fingers that I may be so lucky this time :)

    Thanks Bloggernoob!!!

  2. the noob Post author

    m dinesh- congrats on the winning a domain on the ipod contest. back for more ehh? 😉 you are entered for this contest. thanks.

    jumblespot- no problem.

    barbara baker- thanks, you are entered barbara! thanks for being a reader!

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  4. money talks

    consistently make money online use Kontera to monetize their site. You should already be signed up with them, but if you are not, this is the perfect time to join. They are offering 100% revenue share for new

  5. the noob Post author

    civin- are you a fellow Chicagoan?

    fool- you’re welcome and thanks for entering my contest.

    money talks- huh? did u just copy and paste a part of my blogpost?

  6. m.dinesh

    Sure noob,
    I even bookmarked your website, you post lots of useful information,
    When you conducted the market leverage contest, I just visited and participated in the contest but din’t read the blog.
    But this time i read your blog, you provide so much useful information, i dint know that we get money for writing posts like payperpost and all tthat you discussed in one of your posts, your blog is difinitely useful for money making,
    I bookmarked your blog.

    Thank you so much.

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  9. Free Daily Stock Picks

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  11. the noob Post author

    m dinesh- im glad i set up a lot of contest. gets people coming back, and hopefully, they look a peek once in a while. see, now you read some of my blog posts. 😉

    civin- awesome. where in chicago? I love downtown. Small world. who knows, maybe our paths crossed at “taste of chicago” or something. 😉

    whataboutblog- awesome. thanks. good luck!

    jared- coo

    jjmomscashblog- what are your big moneymakers? and u still haven’t answered my questions. how much did u buy the blog for and how much is it making per months. 😉

    free daily- ok i’ll check it out, if you insist it isn’t a scam. 😉

  12. m.dinesh

    Thank you noob.

    @free- hey the best way to find out whether a service is scam is : GOOGLEit.

    If it is a new service i cant do anything but its old- u can research about it in google like type scam and hit enter.
    You may get a solution.

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