Winner of my contest.

scarlett johansson can scam me anytimeI think making money online is about finding new opportunities. If you do your research, you can grow a website without spending any money. You don’t need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on blogmasterwhatever or funnelreverse programs. Those programs will only teach you how to set up a site to sell blogmasterwhatever type programs. It’s like those enveloping stuffing scams. You will only learn how to sell what was sold to you. If you really want to make money online, you have to do. Don’t just keep reading stuff. Just do it. Jump in! Let me quote Rob Schneider, “You can do it!”

I’m dogging blogmastermind because i saw this thing advertised on every ass kissing MMO blog in the past few days. How much is Yaro paying these jerks to promote this crappy program? The commission must be good. Think about it noobies, if the commission is good, then the product sucks. Naw, i really shouldn’t be like this. Maybe it’s a good program? If Yaro really wanted to help people make money online, he should give the program out for free. Was it really that hard to put up youtube videos and write a few blog posts? If he’s so great at making money online, he shouldn’t need the added income from this bullshit program. That goes for the reversefunnel system guy too.

I started bloggernoob dot com on a whim. I knew nothing about blogging and never set up a blog before. But i looked at other bloggers and thought i could do what they do. My blog is a little blog, but i do make money with it. And because i set up this blog, i have a nice portfolio of websites and premium domain names. It was really hard in the beginning tho. I was close to quitting. But i kept on truckin and now feel convinced that web development is where i want to be. During this process, i didn’t buy into any of these scams. I didn’t want to be one of the lower links on the pyramid scheme. If you have money to throw away, why not throw it away on your own ebook scam. Set up your own blogmastermind type program. It’ll cost less then Yaro’s 6 month program. Remember, Digg was started with a few thousands dollars. Entrecard started with a few thousand dollars. Think bigger then just blogging.

If you really want to make money online, you have to think beyond your blog. Don’t try to turn your blog into a gizmodo or perezhilton. Just get it to where it makes a nice profit. Then, you set up another blog. Then you set up other types of sites like, directories and forums. You try different ad networks out and see what works best for you. No one can tell you how to make money. What works for person A won’t work for person B. That’s why these blogmasterwhatever programs don’t work.

Anyway, why am i always ranting? Let me announced the winner of my contest. I would like to thank Kontera for sponsoring this contest and if you’re not signed up with them already, you should do so now. Kontera’s in post ads can work out well for niche websites that get a lot search engine traffic. Don’t mix Kontera with paid plugging programs. But other then that, Kontera is worth checking out.

And the winner is…! Congrats! Leave me a comment below to confirm your win. Send me an email with your godaddy login and email associated with that account. I need that for the push. domains have all been registered and are valuable even without a developed website on it. If you set up a nice blog on a domain, you add so much more value.

Guys, i want to have a contest or promotion going at all times. Since this and my Ipod contest ended, i need more ideas for contests. Any suggestions about contest ideas that you would give me would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions about contest prizes will also be noted. Leave me a comment. Thanks.

18 thoughts on “Winner of my contest.

  1. the noob Post author

    whataboutblog- Congrats! I pushed the domain to your godaddy account. Hope to see a nice blog up.

    desmond- i already did a scratch back with reviews. And i have to write a review for your contest winner. I think i’ll pass on more reviews for now. I just had a headache with a 10 review a few days ago. ;(

    m dinesh- thanks for being a good sport. wish i was rich. I’d give all my readers a domain. 😉

    slamblogger- im just jealous thats all. i wish i could set up a blogmastermind type program using my past posts and make a few vids. and chage 100 bucks a month for six months. would just need a thousands students. pay 100k in commission and ad spots. Still have half a mil left over.

  2. Jan Alvin

    @cardiogirl – its a tactic of attracting your eyes,then when you read the content of the post you will realize that it is not what you think.

  3. Iliana

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  4. Jordan McClements

    Sorry to be a bit off topic- and sorry if you have answered this question before elsewhere.

    But since you always have great photos in your blog posts – do you pay for them? Are there copyright issues?


  5. Chelle

    Jason from is looking for adspace hosts for a content coming up – I don’t know if he still is looking for adspace hosts yet, but I signed up for it

    Prizes I would be interested in winning? I like prizes that are things I want to try but don’t really want to buy: Custom/Premium wordpress themes or plug-ins, BANS, etc…online gift certificates are cool too :)
    I don’t know if other people would want the same stuff as me to win though so don’t know how helpful my input actually is…

  6. the noob Post author

    jan alvin- solar eclipse, damn i missed it. i love stuff like that.

    cardiogirl- hmm. good questions, and i’m glad u asked. that picture of that chick is in my opinion, a symbol of excellence. scarlet is a great actress and a beautiful creature. i thought it represented my four letter dot com domain winner and my blog post. don’t buy it? me neither. 😉 what can i say, i loved “lost in translation” and “match point”

    jan- thanks for explaining. 😉

    lliana- is that your incentive site? if it is, shoot me an email, i’m looking to add another incentive site. 😉

    jordan mcclements- great questions. with regards to photos and copyright issues. i like to take the youtube route. i’ll remove it if i get an email telling me to do so. no blood no foul. 😉 i do edit and photoshop all of my photos tho. 😉

    jumblespot- ask and you shall receive.

    wathaboutblog- congrats again, and drop by when u got your site up on that domain. would like to see it. 😉

    chelle- thanks for you contest prize suggestions. i will jot them down on my iphone memo pad and let it simmer in my noob brain. 😉 i’ll see what i can do. i better stop by gorilla’s pad. 😉

  7. Money While You Sleep dot biz

    Let’s hear it for Scarlett Johansson!

    Ummm.. what was I thinking…?… oh yes. Contest. You could have a contest for the most interesting or useful comment. Or, how ’bout a contest for ways to make $10 per day online, the winner being the first one that actually makes you $10 in a day.

  8. the noob Post author

    money while you sleep dot biz- that’s a great idea. i’ll keep that in mind. thanks money. and yean, hip hip horray for scarlett johansson!

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  10. Never Say Never

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