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I’ve been focused the past few days on getting more search visibility. My last post was about getting #1 on google search. I wanted to report/brag about working my way up on google search for certain hot make money keywords.

moneyblog.jpg“money blog” Ranked 82 in google search

makemoneyblog2.jpg“make money blog” Ranked 31 in google search

blogmoney.jpg“blog money” Ranked 88 in google search

moneyblogging.jpg“money blogging” Ranked 66 in google search

Just use the basic tips i mentioned before. Write the keywords you want in your title. Add those keywords in your tags. Repeat those keywords in your posts. Make sure you write relavant posts about that topic. Don’t just list those keywords. If you do that, you’ll start seeing your blog in google search for those keywords.

8 thoughts on “Working google search

  1. Mike Huang

    Congrats NOOB! :) I gotta say that you’re doing a great job. I don’t rank much on Google yet due to my domain name having “bloggin” and not “blogging”, but I rank about #8 for “unique blog designs” lol

  2. the noob Post author

    rhyan-well im not seo expert but im glad you found something of use. thanks

    chica-maybe cause your blog is so new. u have to give google some time to index ur site.

    mike huang-thanks mike. #8 for unique blog designs is awesome. i like how you keep busy with multiple internet projects. u keep it up too.

    joprotus-if i can do it….it’s easy. im actually a stupid person. :)

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