Working overtime to make money online

work overtime to make money onlineI just wrote a post about not spending a lot of time on your blog. I agree with that post, but i wanted cover the other side of the spectrum. Working hard on something increases it’s chance of success. Modern technology and productivity suites make it possible for us to be more profecian with our work, but it still takes a lot of sweat to become successful. I think financial success has to do with timing and luck. Real estate investors make a lot of money when they buy and sell at the right time. It’s not all skill either. Sometimes, the luck of the timing isn’t there. This applies to the stock market as well. Although timing and luck play a big part in making money, we can’t just leave it all up to chance. We have to do stuff. I believe that if you work overtime, you will make money online.

I’m not saying that you should spend 10 hours a day on your blog. That seems torturous and unrealistic. But i am saying that you should put int a lot of hard work on other web ventures. If you are serious about making money online, you have to think about a lot of different types of websites. You can either get one mega site, or work with a bunch of smaller sites. Either way, you should be determined to put in overtime to get it off the ground. When you run your own site, you are your own boss. You are a small business man. No one is going to be there to tell you to work. If you don’t fee like it, you can easily just watch tv or mess around on facebook. But, that will dramatically decrease the success ratio of your site.

Researching and networking will get you leads. If you spend a lot of time on trying to make a sale, you should be able to sell. Everything i’m saying is common sense. But, a lot of you are not putting it together. You know that you should work on your site, but you don’t. You still spend time online tho. You waste it. You spend your time on other people’s site. You read other peoples income reports and then bitch and complain about it. It’s your own damn fault that you’re not making money online. If you wanted to do something about it, you would be working overtime to make money online.

6 thoughts on “Working overtime to make money online

  1. Gerard

    You said something like “don’t go the other way cuz its no good” on your previous post, now your saying it has some worth working overtime on your blog?

    Explain why the sudden change? Epiphany maybe?

  2. bloggernoob

    gerard- i didn’t specifically say blog. I said, work hard to make money online. Right now, i make full time income with my collection of sites. Meaning, i make over a hundred dollars day with my sites. I was able to do this after 7 months of hard work. But, if you work harder and put more time then i did…and maybe invest more cash…then you could probably get your sites to earn 100/day in 3 months flat. 😉

    coondog- yeah, that is a good idea. might be an even split. 50 work hard, and 50 don’t

  3. Anthony

    Hey guys, i think what Mr Noob is saying is to balance out your blog life with your real life. Whilst u don’t need to put your life into your blog, it will take a lot of speed and energy initially to get it off the runway and into flight.

  4. the noob Post author

    anthony- thanks for backin me up. Yeah it’s all about balancing out your time. I don’t think you should spend a lot of time on one blog, but i do think you should work really hard on your web businesses. Notice the plural!

    nihar- thanks, yeah cats rule!

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