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forum-money.jpgWhen bloggernoob first started, i spent a lot of time doing the forums rounds. It was difficult to get attention even tho i was heavily doing all of the free marketing. I could have easily given up but i didn’t. I even got some paying gigs out of the deal. Of course the money wasn’t much(like $5 max) but i was able to start making money with bloggernoob.

I’ve cut down on the time i spend in web forums but i really think you should do the forum round every week. Recently, i posted some of my ads for sale on digitalpoint and i received quite a few advertising requests. If i just left my ad page and not marketed my ad space, i would be left with a bunch of affiliate ads and empy space. But because i do these forum rounds, i get these private ads filled up. I made over a hundred dollars on these ads.

If you want to sell your private ad space, you have to market it. No if, and, or buts about it. No body is going to email you to purchase ads. So it’s up to you to go out and sell. Sell, Sell, Sell. ABC baby. Always Be Closing.

Make money blogs talk a lot about how to make money. But it’s rare to find a site that will really show you how. I mentioned numerous times that you have to go and get it. If you want to get paid by blogging, you better put in some effort. There aren’t a lot of make money blogs that can afford the luxury of passive income. If you want to make money with you blog, you have to work for it. Whether it be paid posting or private ad sales, you have to go out and get those gigs. Don’t slap on adsense and expect a bunch of hits. Don’t expect you’ll make a killing on those affiliate links. Even affiliate links, you gotta market those suckers. Get people to join under you. Keep writing about those high paying affiliate links. Be honest, and review those programs in detail.

Above all, you need traffic to make money online. I read a lot of no name make money blogs and they all complain about not making any money. That’s because you don’t have any traffic. If you look in my first few posts, it’s obvious that i was a complete noob. I didn’t know how money was made online. I figured that putting up a few affiliate links would do the trick. I thought i was going to make a ton with adsense. But sure enough, i was wrong. I felt like a sucker, and i was a sucker. But i didn’t give up and i found out ways to make money online. It’s pretty easy. Just gotta get over the initial hump. Now, i feel very confident that i could make at least 30 bucks everyday with this blog. Do you want to know how to make 30 bucks every day? It’s simple. I’ve covered it many times over in my previous posts. Basically you gotta get traffic, do some paid postings, and market your affiliate links. And market your private ad sales. That’s it. Just keep doing these things. Find your own unique way of marketing your blog and you can make a few dollars too.

8 thoughts on “Working the forums for money

  1. Jackie

    Very good Post again! I love it when you do these types of posts…I started making money with my blog, although not as much as I would like to (i.e. affiliate links) but I am doing Paid Posting and working on building my traffic.

  2. Brian Morgan

    Thanks for the information, it would be good to know the ratio of time versus income. As with many small businesses the time and expense payoff after several years, but in the start-up phase they generally run in the red.

    It would be interesting to know (based only on individuals serious about monetizing blogs and give it a good 2 year effort) how much time and effort went into the start-up phase, and now after 2 years (or more) if blogging really is generating enough cash to really be an efficient small business.

    My guess is that the bloggers that are making enough to consider their blog income a “living income” are within a specific sector (niche) and ALSO have a good background in I.T. (software & webmaster) – while the majority of bloggers (even serious ones trying to monetize their blogs) decide that the “effort” is just too “costly”, or “never really returns well as they originally planned”.

    I would estimate that if I invested two years into any business, I would want to be at the $1000 per week level (plus+) after two years.

  3. B Carter

    Great post and excellent point Brian.

    I would say that bloggers that are successful don’t necessarily have IT and webmaster experience (it helps), but they know where to get the answers that they need. Bloggers that have decided the effort is too costly are probably those that have fallen for the “Buy this and you’ll be rich” eBook. Building any real business takes time and effort; this is what noobs need to realize. If they give up, then that is their loss.

  4. the noob Post author

    jackie- thanks. really? i feel like i’m running out of things to say. making money by blogging is pretty basic. just get traffic and do paid posts, and affiliate commissions. and private ads. starting to feel like i’m just repeating myself in my posts. thanks for the support jackie

    brian- i’m not sure if i’ll continue to run this blog the way i do in two years. that’s actually a long time. i could have a baby by then. but i do know that i’m going to do internet business for the long haul. i think it’s amazing that you can make money online. i think developing web businesses is the way to go. less capital is required to start, and potential is greater. i’m not a believer in blogs. i don’t think it’s very realistic for people to expect blogging income to match even a full time job at mcdonalds. if you look around. only a few make money bloggings can make a living with their blogs. out of tens of thousands of make money blogs. there are only about ten that make that much.

    bcarter- thank B. i don’t think bloggers have IT or programming backgrounds. blogging is writing. it’s marketing. it’s sales basically. the few that make a lot with it are good hucksters. ebooks are dead. i’m still surprised to find blogs that still push it. it’s so 1999. but then again, some people still lug around those portable cd players around.

  5. Mike

    Even DVD’s are 90s now. We got Blu-ray which will probably take over in a few years. Yeah the good thing is if you retire from blogging, you can still make money keeping the blog up if you have ads on it.

  6. kexbrown

    Thanks for the great article noob. I agree about the marketing the ad space. Up until the Google smack down on paid links I was marketing heavily outside of my web site. I don’t think anybody has ever just volunteered to purchase ad space from me.

    Since my ad space revenue has been dropping I realize I need to get back out and market the space to make any money.

    I think the people that make money online are more marketers than IT people. I think IT people have a tendency to get wrapped up in “doing” something cool with the technology and never get around to marketing the technology they build.

  7. the noob Post author

    mike- so true. sucks cause i bought a HD dvd player 6 months ago. now it’s worthless. go figure. should have just waited.

    kexbrown- i think if you just go out and market the empty ad space. everyone can fill it up. of course u need traffic, but even low traffic sites can probably fetch a dollar at least. a dollar is still a dollar. and in the blogging world. a dollar is a lot of money.

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