Write fast to make money online

ali larter makes money onlineI have this rare ability where i can write up a lot of words really fast. I realized this when i first started going online via AOL. I used to go into the American Online chatrooms. Back in the day, it was a lot of fun. It was fun chatting with strangers. Those days are are long gone. But i still like communicating with strangers. It’s a good way to be social without being so social. (Huh?) I don’t think i’m alone. Why do you think social networking sites are so popular. People want to socialize without putting in that much effort. Anyway, if you want to be successful at blogging, it’s good to practice your speed typing. You better be like Vince Vaughn if you want to make money online. Write fast and your site will have a lot of content indexed in no time.

Putting up a lot of content is the only way to grow your blog fast. If you just write one post per week, it might take a year before you receive any type of repeat traffic. Also, you have to write a lot if you want to monetize via paid plugs. Writing your own content is bad enough, but mix in posts for advertisers and you got a lot of writing to do.

I think the trick is to not be so strict. Also, use tools. WordPress already has built in spell check so it makes everything a lot easier. Don’t treat your blog posts like college essays. You don’t have to look in the MLS guidebook. Just write and be sure to check your grammar and spelling. Write on the fly and write often.