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nelly furtado makes money onlineI’ve seen a lot tutorial sites sell on sitepoint. A few weeks ago, i saw a Windows Vista blog sell for over 9 thousand dollars. I checked to see how good the blog was and my discovery was disappointing. I expected that blog to be pretty good. The Vista blog sucked arse. It was slow to load and the content was just terrible. The site was disappointing, but i was inspired. I was motivated to start my own Vista blog. I figured if i set up a few good posts, and did some marketing, i would have a hit on my hands. I know that i’m over simplifying things here. But, think about it. If a not so good blog can sell for 9 grand, then a good blog could sell for 9 grand. I’m i wrong?

I always talking about setting up more then one blog. I think it should be an automatic for bloggers who want to make money online. Since the web is about traffic, all you have to do is focus on one thing. And if you have more then one blog, it makes content development a lot easier and less tedious.

I will be writing up some tutorials for noobies on this blog. I have been getting way too much email about some simple tasks. Answering some of the easier questions is a big time suck. So i will write some easy tutorial for the noobs. I know that it’s hard to be a noob. I’ve been there and i’m still a noob on so many levels. I think tutorial posts are good to have in your archives. If it gets indexed, you will get a constant stream of visitors via google. Write tutorials to get traffic and make money online.

7 thoughts on “Write tutorials to make money online

  1. Tim

    Hmm this is a very good idea. Tutorials really have a long lasting appeal, and can definitely attract visitors for a long time.

    Thanks for this one! You’ve inspired me :)

  2. Jared Stenzel

    It seems like every week you are starting a new blog. To me this is both good and bad. I mean think about it. If you spent the time you are using starting new blogs over and over actually posting daily on some of the best ideas you have, you could easily start to become a dominant factor in the niche instead of ‘just another blog’ in 20 niches.

  3. the noob Post author

    tim- thanks tim. when u think about it, it’s actually pretty easy to do. take a few screen shots and write some stuff u know.

    jared- yup, i am. hmm. i beg to differ with your argument there. I think it’s really hard to set up a monster blog. Think about it. there aren’t a lot of big blogs. in the make money online niche, theres only 3 worth mentioning. So, with that theory, i’d rather focusing on growing a lot of small and medium blogs. This way, i can link to myself and sell off each blog for a few hundred bucks each. I can also make 5 bucks on the side with each. Have enough of these mini sites and you’ll start making in major money. A couple hundred a day ain’t bad.

  4. Jared Stenzel

    I didn’t mean one of the top blogs. I’m also assuming they are in a variety of niches. Think about it like this. Do you think all your smaller blogs together will make you as much as this site when they’ve been around for 7 months? What if you repeated what you did with this blog in like 3 or 4 other niches. You could be making closer to $40,000 a year instead of a hundred hear and there from all these smaller ones :)

  5. the noob Post author

    jared- ahh, but that’s saying that i can repeat the success of this blog 4 times over. I think that’s hard to do. But i know what you’re saying. I blog because i see potential in it. I want to set up 4 bloggernoob type blogs. Of course. Also, the 10k in 7 months is a bit misleading. Most of the ppp and sponsored referral income hasn’t been paid to me yet. So the total cash i made thus far from bloggernoob is closer to 7k not 10k. 😉

  6. Thailand Guy

    While I see your point Jared I’ve gotta agree with the noob here. It is so much easier to get a blog to the $5-10 a day level than to get it to the “major force” level. And there is no guarantee that you will ever get a blog to that level since I believe that in addition to loads of hard work it also requires a bit of luck and timing.

    I guess the best course is to hedge yourself by doing both. Have a couple or three blogs you plan on keeping and developing for the long term in niches you enjoy and develop others for quick turnover and cash.

    In any case, 7k in 7 months is not bad at all.

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