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Whatever, its your damn blog. Don’t be afraid to write whats on your mind. The idea of having the blog read by other people online can be a little nerve racking. Is my grammer ok? Did i spell that wrong? Did my point make any sense? Did i even have a point? Did i say the word cunt? Just do it. Just write like it’s a memo pad. Just pretend its a diary or journal. I think the most important thing is to keep writing posts so that your blog can grow.

Umm cherries. I think Rosario Dawson is an amazing actress. She seems like a cool homegirl type. When she was dancing in Clerks 2 i almost cried. It was that beautiful. And she’s one of the few young actresses in Hollywood that can actually act. Her and Scarlet Johanson. Anyway back to my point.

Get em while they’re still young. My uncle used to give me advice about girls that went a little somthing like this. “get em while they’re young” I know i know he was a total perve. Although i didn’t take his advice for getting girls, but i do think there is a strong message underlining his nasty suggestion. As a blogger you are trying to find your readership. As a new blog its hard to establish a sound base of readers. You try to create your own brand and this is very difficult to do. I would say the best way to do this is by luring noobie bloggers. Noob’s don’t know any better. When i first started reading “how to make money” blogs i didn’t know who john chow was. I thought he was just some random chinese guy that wanted to buy a lamborgini.
One of the first blogs i read was cashquests and back then it was called kumiko something.blogspot. I still read kumiko’s blog and its actually one of my favorites. The point is the the new bloggers that stumble upon your blog will most likely keep checking up on your blog. Of course you have to have decent content and a nice design on your website.

Ok so how do you market to green bloggers. Because you’re on a budget you gotta be creative and do alot of grunt work. Keep posting in forums and adding members on blog networking sites like mybloglog. BloggerNoob.com receives most of its traffic via mybloglog and comments i left on other blogs. Just be visiting other people’s blog and commenting, you will receive some click to your site. Im still learning as i go here, so i will report more after i learn more.

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  1. Debo Hobo

    I liked this post, for a noob you sure do hit the nail on the head a lot.

    I used to hang out at JC’s all the time now I just go ones a day just to show my phase and see if I can screw with him in the comments. That is the high poing of my day.

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