Writers block again

writersblock.jpgThe life of a blogger involves reading and writing. If you don’t like to do either, you probably shouldn’t start a blog. You’ll most likely quit, or your blog will never take off. It’ll be a lost cause and you’ll just waste your valuable time.

Lately, I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with new material. Times like this, I wish I was a song writer for Britney Spears or something. Write a dozen bubble gum songs that will pay me off for a year. Maybe more. I could write, “oh baby baby” or, “hit me baby” or “yall”

So when I have writers block, I go site surfing. This is pretty hard to do. Cause I don’t want to visit the same old blogs. I think it’s get pretty boring visiting the same tired ass blogs. Especially make money blog. So I’ve been doing a lot of keyword searches. Or I’ll visit a link that a blogger I respect put up on his blog.

Today, I was looking up programmers. Some of you know that I’m working on two pretty big projects. Well, I’ve been having problems with my programmers. I guess I was unlucky. It’s hard to find a good programmer when you don’t have a background in programming. Anyway, so was jumping from site to site and I found a great blog by a programmer. He lists some practical indicators of good programming skills. I usually don’t read long posts, but this article was well written. The blogger seems real cool too. Wish I hired him to do some programming.

If you’re feeling dry about writing your next post, don’t stress. Start visiting some new blogs and you’re sure to get some new perspective. It’ll help you feel refreshed and inspired. That will cure your writers block.

6 thoughts on “Writers block again

  1. B Carter

    I often have trouble coming up with material when I sit down to write. Of course, I don’t have any backup stuff written yet like I should. Maybe I’ll get some done within the next couple of weekends.

    Anyways, I always find stumbling blogs as a good way to find new sites as well. The only problem with this is I often get carried away with stumbling and run out of time to write.

  2. Debo Hobo

    I found myself hitting the writers block wall really hard…so I expanded my niche to include topics other than travel. Now I don’t feel as locked in and find it fun again to blog and not just another chore.

  3. Michael Aulia

    Yeah, there are those moments when you feel like you have nothing to tell people about :)

    It’s usually the time when you have to browse around to find ideas and putting some references to other people’s blog

  4. the noob Post author

    bcarter- yeah, that’s a good way. its a good idea to get up and get some fresh air, when you can’t write. get some overpriced coffee and chill. don’t force posts. or just ramble about something. :) that’s what i do :)

    jared- i would like to, but honestly, i don’t know much about dofollow stuff. im just a stupid make money blogger :)

    debo- yeah, writing off topic also helps.

    michael- yup yup. i think my problem is that, make money blogging is a very uninspiring topic. it’s all good. i have other blogs.

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