Writing good contenting is overrated

make money online with ali larterBefore you guys start calling up the dork crew to lynch me, let me explain my post title. I know that a lot of blogging purists like to brag about how they only blog for the love of blogging. I honestly believe that most of them say that because they don’t understand how the blogging economy works. They don’t know how to make money online so they play the holier then thou card. They brag about how they don’t sell out etc. When i first started out, i read numerous blog posts about how “great contentmakes money online. What a load of horse dung! Great content doesn’t make jack squat. Your ability to leverage the traffic and links gained from “great content” is what makes money online. If you want to see some greenbacks, you should visit your local book store and see what type of books sell best.

Most the books on the best seller lists are shitty. It’s the same with movies. I don’t recall the last time Hollywood cranked out a “great film.” Look at the popular magazines. They are filled with trash. Money has nothing to do with quality. It’s all about marketing. It’s all about recognizing what people want. In most cases, people want stupid stuff. Generally speaking, people are idiots. You have to cater to idiots to make money online.

If you write good content on your blog, you might turn off the stupid readers with fat wallets. You’ll be throwing words and phrases over their heads. Don’t use poetry in your blog verses. Don’t try to insert SAT words in your posts to sound pseudo intelligent. It’s a turn off. Be straight to the point. Explain things like you would to a 5th grader.

Ask yourself what you want out of your blog. If you’re reading my blog, you probably want to make money by blogging. If that’s the case, throw good content out the window. Write content that will get links from stupid people. Write posts are the very elementary. Insert pictures instead of long dictionary words.

If you don’t believe me, check out my income reports. I’m not rich because of my blog, but i probably make more with this blog then most of the MMO bloggers out there. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you realize how terrible my writing is. I can’t write for shit. But i get paid. My vocabulary isn’t much higher then a 7th grader. I put up pictures of boobies and hot female celebs to cover up my inability to write with correct grammar.

The key to making money online is your ability to recognizing what people like. Instead of spending hours upon hours researching for your next post, spend that valuable time figuring out what how to create buzz. Skip the research and just write. Then, spend the time that you would have wasted on research to market your blog.

Content is very overrated. This is especially true for noobie bloggers. Who the hell reads your blog anyway? Why are you wasting your time on posts that never get read? In my opinion, it’s better to save the “good content” for later. (when you have more readers)

28 thoughts on “Writing good contenting is overrated

  1. Paul Eilers

    Your blog was pointed out to me today (okay, it was my wife) and I plan to spend tomorrow reading through it.

    I like what I’ve read so far, especially what you wrote about John Chow, Shoe Money, and the other ‘make money’ niche bloggers. That was honest and telling it like it is, no punches pulled.

  2. the noob Post author

    paul eilers- thank your wife for me. πŸ˜‰ and thank you for your kind words. i really don’t care much for sucking up to the make money scammers. im not out to sell ebook scams or get rich with this blog. i started this blog to see if i can make a little cash to buy some tech gear and pay for mini holidays. blogging can become profitable, but it takes a lot of hard work. you have to figure out your own secrets. if i censored myself, i would grow tired of this blog. so i try to be honest with myself. (except for the paid posts of course πŸ˜‰ i’m glad it was a good read for u and i hope to not disappoint you tomorrow when u read some of my earlier posts. might not be that helpful. πŸ˜‰

  3. axioblogger

    What you wrote is the fact. That is why it is good for a new blogger to guest post. Instead of posting you well researched and educative post on your lonely and unpopular blog, post it on a well known blog. The advantages is that you get visitors to your blog and you get backlinks.

  4. Jumble Blogger

    You said “In my opinion, it’s better to save the good content for later” – ‘later’ means how long should we wait..? Should it require a good pagerank..?

  5. the noob Post author

    axioblogger- yeah. guest posting is a good strategy for noobie bloggers. πŸ˜‰

    jumble blogger- hmm. good question. i guess if i were to set a mark, it would be when you start seeing regular daily traffic in the hundreds. or if you get around 100 direct hits. when your reader base starts growing to that point.

  6. Chelle

    Well said Noob. Some of my “good posts” don’t even get comments. If you’re using adsense, the worse your content is the better sometimes – they’ll click your ads instead of reading your post :)

  7. Tiffany

    “I honestly believe that most of them say that because they don’t understand how the blogging economy works. They don’t know how to make money online so they play the holier then thou card.”

    Noob, I made my living (quite well) as content manager for an Internet marketing company, and search marketing was a big part of my job. I managed content for sites that had hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month and we made a lot of money. I don’t promote any of my six blogs because that’s not what they’re there for. I don’t claim to be “holier” than anyone who is in blogging for money, I just don’t happen to be. Seems a fairly narrow perspective to assume that everyone would share your goals if only they had the skills.

  8. Muckbeast

    Tiffany, I didn’t get the impression that people would share his goals if they had his skills. He said IF you share his goals, then you don’t need to worry about content.

    Big difference.

    Blogging about Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds:

  9. Wendy

    So I don’t have to change the sort of writing or topics I decide to write about?

    At the moment I am reviewing which topics got the most hits, comments, etc and will take it from there.

    As you know I normally take what you write to heart and am paying attention Honest I am LOL

  10. the noob Post author

    annie- thanks. yeah, when u think about it, the only thing that you really need to make money online is traffic. most of the internet giants start a website with only traffic in mind. they worry about content and monetization later…after they get traffic. πŸ˜‰

    chelle- thanks chelle. totally, i think most of my earlier “good posts” got only a few clicks. people have short attention spans and a lot of times, the really good articles are untouched.

    steve- most of the popular consumer goods are sold because of marketing. it’s not about the quality of the leather that sells a bag. it’s the brand behind it. Louis vuitton doesn’t make better bags then a swapmeet bag, they just have a great marketing team that creates the illusion of high quality. and they get a lot of free buzz by rappers and rich asians.

    tiffany- i hope i didn’t offend u. i try to be open minded, but at the same time, i have very strong opinions. if you blog just to get stuff out, i think that’s very noble of you and as long as you are having fun, i respect that. since my blog is a “make money online” blog, i assume that most of my readers are interested in making money online with their blogs. in which case, content doesn’t matter that much, especially in the early stages of noobdom. πŸ˜‰

    muckbeast- thanks for clearing that much muckbeast. πŸ˜‰ i appreciate it. yeah, it boils down to what your goal is. and even if you blog just for the fun of it, isn’t it nice to make a few bucks with it? πŸ˜‰

  11. the noob Post author

    wendy- from what i seen of your blog, i think you are all over the place. there is nothing wrong with that, but that can get confusing for advertisers. advertisers usually want a focused (target) audience. makes for an easier sell. i would recommend that you blog about what you know best. if it’s personal development or inspiration, do that. i think you’re headed the right way. researching your past articles and studying the traffic patterns is key. πŸ˜‰ feel free to ask me more specific questions wendy. πŸ˜‰

  12. goofblogger makes money online

    Mr Bloggernoob,

    Very neat post. It is true, writing whatever and being true is a great way to blog. People should stop believing that sucking up to the super bloggers will make them magically turn into one.

    People are looking for blogs that are written by a human being that has emotions and opinions. Keep up the good work.

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  14. the noob Post author

    goofblogger- when i hear Mr. BloggerNoob, i turn around and look for my father. bloggernoob or just noob is find. πŸ˜‰

    exactly. i like reading blogs that try not to bullshit people. it’s hard to not have any bull, but i try to be not BS, and i like reading blogs that try to filter out bs as well. πŸ˜‰

  15. Garnzo

    That post was too pseudo intelligent sounding for me to understand it. Could you dumb it down to the level of a 5th grader please? Thanks.

  16. WebbieStuffs

    Well, who does not love to earn money anyway? I think all want to but that does not mean all from the blog. The reason why others cannot claim the stuff that they do wanna earn, is becaue they are not earning…. it is quite a tight comoetition when this stuff is being talked about ..

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  18. Colin

    I just wrote a post on my blog that’s somewhat critical of this one. Sorry about that.

    I have to argue with some of what you say. You’re suggesting that content is overrated, but you’re advocating content. You’re just suggesting it be presented more simply. But what you suggest is still attracting people to content, even if it’s content written for idiots with pretty pictures.

    That’s all well and good, if you want to attract idiots. Personally, I don’t write well for fifth graders. I write the way I do and it would be unnatural for me to write differently. But my goal isn’t to reach everyone. My niche is smaller, and writing for the lowest common denominator is only going to cheapen what I have to say.

    There’s no “holier-than-thou” here. But I don’t try to be more intelligent than I am, I just write. Marketing is a huge part of it, but marketing something valuable beats marketing garbage any day. Of course you can still sell anything with the right marketing, but why not sell something good with the right marketing?

    To say that money has NOTHING to do with quality is an incomplete picture. Marketing can twist things quite a bit, but it’s not absolute.

  19. Beau71

    Point taken. However, for those of us who aren’t looking to substitute our job with blogging, good content is what we strive for. I think that your statement holds true in the short run; but in the long run, people aren’t people aren’t going to keep coming back. I know that the beauty of the Internet is the vast amount of people most of which have the potential to be a first time visitor. But it is easier to keep your current customers. The reason I always come back to this site is because you have good content for the subject matter in which you are representing.

    Try creating a new MMO blog and put nothing but garbage in the content, it may work at first but I am willing to bet it will fizzle out fast.

  20. Wei Liang

    I got to disagree with parts of your post. I hope this would be a learning experience instead of purposely picking towards your post.

    “Why are you wasting your time on posts that never get read? In my opinion, it’s better to save the β€œgood content” for later. (when you have more readers)”

    If you don’t have good content to capture your audiences’ attention first, where did the so call more readers come from?

    For example, when Eric visits your blog and find your content totally crap, do you think he will come back again?

    I agree that traffic is important for every website that want to monetize it but I am not convince that you choose this path:

    Traffic —> Content —-> Income

    My main concern on this is how to capture’s their attention to carry on reading your blog. How you convince the readers that you blog is worth reading if your content is not good.

    Hope to get a response from you soon. Thanks

    Wei Liang

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  22. Alfred Saforo

    I Can’t believe you people are taking this guy seriously. He writes brilliant content, and then insults us by saying he writes for Idiots. Well Mr Noob, Idiots are not the only ones who click on ads. When i see an Ad that appeals to me I click. And so do other like minded intelligent people. Don’t sell your soul because you think its idiots who click on Ads, what nonsense. Where did you get that myopic idea from anyway? This post is very well written but very misguided i should ad it to my list of Worst blogging tips ever. Well done.

  23. scatterhaiku

    interesting contrarian viewpoint here. seems to me that the debate’ll eventually end up somewhere in the middle. content matters, but isn’t the end of the story. and the marketing matters as well, but that doesn’t mean you can get away for long with thin content.

  24. Tiffany

    @Muckbeast, this is the statement to which I was responding: “I know that a lot of blogging purists like to brag about how they only blog for the love of blogging. I honestly believe that most of them say that because they don’t understand how the blogging economy works.”

    @Noob: Nope, not offended, but I think that we all make big mistakes when we assume that everyone else thinks like we do. I put a lot of articles on my (non-monetized) blogs that before I started blogging, I would have sold. At the moment, I happen to be happy with my income and don’t feel any need to chase additional revenues. Surely I can’t be the only one.

  25. the noob Post author

    garnzo- hmm. thought it was 5th grade level. maybe i should go 3rd grade level?

    webbiestuff- the way i see it, why not make a few bucks. if i love playing with marbles, and someone offered to pay me for playing with marbles. i totally would take the money.

    colin- yeah i read your post. it was a well written one. i left u a comment as well. by me writing a post like this, i’ve created controversy. it’s a simple post that people can argue over. that’s what’s happening here in the comment section. my point is that marketing is more valuable then content. of course, a mixture of the two is needed, but i’d take marketing over content anyday.

    beau71- longrun shortrun. in my opinion, it’s good to start a blog with shortrun results. why? cause it gets boring writing quality content without an audience. it’ll make you quit your blog. do things to attract visitors first, then once u start seeing traffic, kick in with better content to have them coming back for more.

    wei liang- it’s called search engines. the great thing about websites is that traffic is virtually unlimited. there are hundreds of millions of people who access the internet. if you work the search engines, you will get a constant flow of new traffic from google. im not saying that you should set up a blog of shit and keep it that way. im saying that it’s better to work on marketing first, worry about content later.

    buy a car online- spam

    alfred saforo- thanks alfred! πŸ˜‰

    scatterhaiku- very wise grasshopper. yeah, it’ll always be gray. it’ll always be in the middle somewhere. πŸ˜‰

    tiffany- i kinda agree. making general statements and assuming isn’t a wise thing. but, to make strong arguments, it’s the only way to go. i would need to write a 10 page paper if i addressed each subgroup. πŸ˜‰ just saying that i think most people who read my blog want to learn how to make money with their blogs. πŸ˜‰

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