wwjb.jpgWhatWouldJeusBlog. I notice that a lot of rich bloggers are christian. Problogger and Johnchow are. If jesus was a blogger what would he blog about. I just did a search about WWJB. WWJB.info is available if anyone is interested. I would register it myself but i already bought so many that past week i don’t have time to work it it. I think its a great 4 letter domain.

This article is entitled WWJB. What Would Jesus Blog.

If Jesus was a blogger he would blog about the unnecessary war in Iraq. He would blog about the racial injustice of this country. He would blog about the environment waste being pumped into our planet. Jesus would not blog about making money online. Jesus would not blog about brangelina. Jesus would definately not blog about scientology.

If you want a WWJB bracelet please write about this blog and i will select a winner and mail one out to you.