You don’t need readers to make money online

sienna miller makes money onlineI think a lot of bloggers think that you need readers to make money online. The fact of the matter is that, you don’t. I have a few blogs that i set up just to sell links. I set up those blogs without caring much about the content or site design. I set up those experimental blogs to see if i could make money online without actual readers. My conclusion is a solid YES! Readers are good and all, but not necessary to monetize your site. Thinking about it, bloggernoob doesn’t have that many actual readers. A lot of people stumpleupon my blog. I also get a lot of traffic from entrecard. People search for images and land on my site. Some people come here expecting porn. None of these visitors read my blog. Most of my blog’s traffic is from non readers. It doesn’t matter, i still am able to make a little cash with this blog.

I think a lot of you want to be famous. You guys want to be known in the blogosphere. You guys want to have a brand. That’s not necessary. It can obviously help, but you don’t need it to pull side income from your blog.

How is money made online? Most people use adsense. The people who consistently make adsense earning drive traffic to their site via google. They work on link building and writing keyword rich content. That’s it. You don’t really need actually readers. You don’t need to have a high RSS count. All you need is for that search engine visitor to click on one of your ads. Heck, it might even help if your site was useless. They’ll probably click an adsense ad cause there’s nothing special on your blog. They’ll click cause they couldn’t find anything useful on your site. They click on the adsense ad thinking that will give them answers.

Another way people make money online is by selling links. Payperpost, sponsoredreviews, and whatever other paid plugging site doesn’t sell review. They sell links. The advertisers buy those review for the link juice. That’s why if you have a low PR blog, you probably don’t get that many offers. Those sites are link selling engines. That’s why a lot of posties got hit by google hard. Anyway, link selling is another way you can make money. This is what i do with my collection of site. I built up a lot of sites to where they get PR. It’s actually not that hard to get PR. I bet that the next update, i’ll have at least 20 sites with some sort of PR. Those 20 (essentially useless sites) will help me make money online. Cause i can sell those PR links.

My RSS feed count has been stuck at around 330 for months. I could try to juice that up, but i don’t even want to bother. When i was a noob, i thought it was important for making money with this blog. Now i realize that it’s just a vanity stat. I honestly don’t care about anything except to make money with this blog. I don’t need to be famous. I don’t need a bloggernoob brand. As long as i can keep earning my Starbucks and Mcdonalds money, i’ll be fine. I don’t have delusional “internet riches” dreams.

When you’re setting up a new blog, or working on your current MMO blog, think about what you really want. If you want to make friends and become famous, then don’t count on making money any time soon. If you work hard, you’ll make money, but it won’t happen fast. But if you just want to whore your blog for cash, then just keep selling. You have to figure out why people pay for stuff. In the MMO niche, people for three things. People pay for traffic, link juice, or scams. (There’s other stuff like webdesign and SEO blah blah, but those three are the majors.) Find out which ones you want to sell and go out and sell it.

The moral of the story is that you don’t need readers to make money online. If you have readers, that’s gravy. All you need is traffic and links. You need PR and high rankings to sell links. Get useless traffic via entrecard, stumble, and digg to give your site a boost. Game those systems just to set a high asking price for your links. And then sell the shit out of those links. Noob out!

19 thoughts on “You don’t need readers to make money online

  1. Eric - InfiniteWebProfit

    …They work on link building and writing keyword rich content[…]
    Good points. Very basic but valuable ones.
    These are just simple steps of Building useful content, Attract more traffic by link building and monitize the traffic with ads, affiliates, etc.

  2. Make Money From Hoe

    Liks and Traffic is right on the money. Adsense still pays well and you do not need anyone to read your content or buy antyhing. You have to love the interet.

    -Jeff Schuman

  3. Puneet

    Yea .. daily readers of our blog do not click on ads or generate us income from affiliate …

    visitors from SERP gets income on blogs .. i think so ..

  4. the noob Post author

    eric infinitewebprofit- yeah. usually the most basic concepts work best.

    eric- sound good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    make money from hoe- typo? “make money from home?” or is your blog about making money from hoes? reminds me of eddie murphy on snl. book titled “i wanna be a hoe”…but yeah, it’s all about links and traffic. this internet ain’t no thang. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    chris- thanks. i like them. gives me something to look at while i think of things to blab about. these celeb photos are are my silent muses.

    billywarhol- close. sienna miller. u got the yowza part right tho. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    puneet- yeah, having loyal readers is great. but not sure if you make much off of the regular readers. i appreciate regular readers, but i know that most of the money made online are from search engine visitors.

    internet 4 money- thanks. gotta love entrecard

  5. DrowseyMonkey

    Don’t you ever get in trouble because you don’t own those photos? I got a bunch of emails one time from a photographer because I used one of his images on my site … he threatened to sue. It was silly, because I had a link back to his site and I don’t have a blog where I make money, but he was insistent. Anyway, I removed it … so I was just wondering how you do it.

  6. the noob Post author

    drowseymonkey- good point. i actually don’t worry about that type of stuff. i take the youtube route. if someone complains, i remove it or find who owns it and either give credit, or find another image to replace with. never had a request to remove any of my images so far tho. maybe cause nobody knows of my blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. The Masked Millionaire

    You made some very good points. I think your right when you say people want to become famous or make friends.

    Not me.

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that keyword rich content and search engine clicks is what gets people to the site. Then all you want is for them to click on adsense ads. Really who cares if they read anything? I don’t think most people read anything anyway…the most they do is skim.

    Nobody should dilude themselves into thinking that people are reading every word that is written..well maybe they do when I blog about Kim Kardashian…lol

    The Masked Millionaire

  8. the noob Post author

    the maskedmillionaire- making money online and writing good content are two different things. case in point. johnchow! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    DT- thanks, hmm. i think the comment u left is relevant and good, but the link to your site is not. i will have to remove it, but i will repeat what u wrote here. “# DT Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 5:30 pm edit

    I think youโ€™re on to something.

    I have a rather large audience on one of our sitesโ€ฆloyal everyday readers who check out the site and comment.

    None of them clicks on any of the ads.

    So our great content is not equaling great $

    Please don’t leave porn links on my blog!!!

    juan- you’re welcome.

  9. Barry

    This all makes sense to me. I guess I niched myself to where I do not get many readers (60-80 visits a day), but I still do OK in sales – not a lot, but OK

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