You have to blog about the things you like

natalie portman is a beautiful girlDoesn’t take a scientist to figure out that blogging is time consuming. Blogging requires a lot of brain juice and at times, you will want to quit. I think that’s what happens to most of the blogs in the blogosphere. I’d say that 95% of all blogs are dead blogs. These blogs are like the junk, or space debris left floating in the atmosphere. Because of all of this junk, sometimes it’s hard to find relevant material online. But, this could be a good thing for a newb blogger. If a blogger has enough determination, he or she could rise pretty swiftly in the ranks.

But, you have to start with a topic that interests you. This is all common sense, but i think people get hypnotized by the scams. People see all of this bling and want to set up useless uninspired blogs. That’s not a good idea. You’ll end up quitting that blog. Pick a topic that you like. If you like to read, watch, research history, then you should start a history blog. Movies, poker, videogames, etc. Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, that should be the type of blog you set up. You can’t make money blogging, if you set up a blog that you’re gonna quit.

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  1. John Sullivan

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