You have to sell something to make money online

ivanka trump makes money onlineI think successful make money online bloggers make money by selling stuff. I believe that the stuff that most of them sell are worthless. But, i have to give it to them. They’re really good at selling junk. Or they’re good at selling ads for useless junk. I think that’s what internet marketing is all about. It’s about selling worthless ebooks or MMO programs to unsuspecting noobs. I don’t want to, but i think i will try to start doing this. I won’t do this on bloggernoob dot com, but i will set up a few sites just for selling worthless programs.

What determines the value of something? Easy. The sucker who buys it. Whatever the price is that someone pays, that’s the value of that product. If i took a shit right now, and put it in my zip lock bag, how much do you think it would be worth? Don’t jump the gun and say “nothing!” Don’t say “gross” either. I’m trying to make a point. If i could sell that zip locked bag, for twenty dollars, then today’s shit is worth $20. And believe me, some of the stuff that MMO bloggers sell you is just as bad as the content of the ziplock bag.

Moving on. What can you sell online? I don’t advice you on trying to set up a full on e commerce site. You have to deal with inventory and you have to invest some cash. I don’t think any of you are interested in heavy investing. I think most MMO bloggers don’t have any type of budget. It’s not a bad thing. That’s why you have to sell worthless stuff. That’s the only thing you can afford to sell.

You can make your own wordpress theme and package it like it’s a premium theme. You can try selling that to noobies. You can also buy a worthless ebook from someone at digitalpoint, and repackage that and sell it. You can sell other people’s themes or ebooks and take a commission. Or you can write your own sorry ass ebook. (Money making programs are all ebooks in my book) The reverse funnel system? That ain’t nuttin but a $3000 ebook. You see the pattern? You have to sell ebooks to make money online.

I really hate ebooks. I think 99.999999 percent of them are ripoffs. But, i want in. I know that if you package it right (reverse funnel system) you can make a lot of money. So, i won’t scam you guys, but i’m thinking about selling these ebooks on my other blogs. Noob Out!

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  1. the noob Post author

    puneet- i have a celeb site as well. but yeah, i like mixing it up on this boring make money online blog as well. A pic of a beautiful celeb alwasys seems to catch peoples eye

  2. Global Payments

    yea it does… those pics keep peeps coming back too… i think they are more excited about seeing which chick youre going to post next rather than how to make money 😀

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