You know you’re doing something right when…

right.jpgYou know you’re doing something right when you start getting a lot more emails.
You know you’re doing something right when you start getting more comments.
You know you’re doing something right when your RSS subscribers increase.

I guess this little blog is showing some potential. I’m starting to receive official sounding letters. In the beginning, i had to go find websites to join. Now i get invited to join. I get people emailing me about new sites, and asking questions, and requesting link trades. When i started out, i couldn’t even buy a link trade. Well. Actually i did. I bought a few with text link ads and it was a complete waste of money. I only did it cause they offered 125 dollars in links for depositing 25 dollars. Thought it was worth it for the price. Looking back, it wasn’t even worth it with that deep discount. I bought a lot of text links on smaller blogs. I bought one on tylercruz dot com. Didn’t get much traffic from any of those links. Tyler’s blog sent me like 12 during the month the link was up. Not worth 25 bucks thats for sure. I posted about tyler’s blog so that he would post about my blog a couple of weeks ago. He wrote a mini review of bloggernoob dot com and that sent me around 50 visits. That was free.

It just goes to show that in the beginning, you should never pay for anything. Just find free ways to get links and link trades. I’ve found that free traffic is often times the best traffic. It’s like paying someone to be your friend. They’re not really your friends. If you pay for traffic, it’s not going to be worth while traffic.

My advice to other newbie bloggers is this. Keep posting and trying new tricks. Subscribe to this make money blog. Don’t give up and you’ll start seeing that you’re doing something right.

3 thoughts on “You know you’re doing something right when…

  1. moneyrush

    I agree with you, at the moment i am still working on mine. You have a really great site, everything in order and very professional, so i should say that “You really know you’re doing something right”.

    Cheers :)

  2. the noob Post author

    moneyrush- thanks moneyrush. if you keep working on you blog, you’ll start seeing more traffic, more RSS readers, and more money. Happy holidays

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