7 thoughts on “You’ll never get paid just for signing up

  1. ryan

    It’s bad advice to get free money? I doubt it. I think if you work REALLY hard, and I mean like begging and scratching you can make some cash. It just isn’t feasible with widgetbucks for most nonshopping blogs yet.

  2. Kss

    I signed up with Widgetbucks and received 25 bucks. I thought it would be difficult to earn another 25 bucks to cash out but I did it. After that, it is difficult to earn through WB because they filtered out clicks from non-US countries.

    WB should be a good program for US publishers. They pay quite a lot for each click.

  3. Moolahking

    Hah..!! You get that right, Noob..

    Those sites that offers free money during sign up is just a strategy to attract bloggers. KSS, did you really received $25 from WB? I have been joining them for 4 months but still haven’t received anything. :(

    Anyway, i totally agreed with you Noob. Those sites should be avoided..

    About the contest that you’re running now, how bout those who already submitted to your blog? ’cause i already one of your reader. Please count me in..Give me chance,Noob..!! :)

  4. the noob Post author

    ryan- never bad advice to get free money. It all depends on your defintion of working hard. I like to consider the opportunity cost of the time i spend on potential revenue. I think affiliate marketing and paid posting is way better then widgetbucks and auctionads.

    kss-wow. glad to hear u got paid by them. you are the first person that i’ve seen get paid by widgetbucks.

    bill-i think so. great idea but not sure if it works all that well. at least shoe got paid big for his idea.

    grademoney-it’s a great marketing strategy. it worked for me for about a month. and still working for a lot of blogs. suckers!

    moolahking-i included you in the contest. sorry you didn’t win, but chin up…i’m going to hold a few more contests and it’ll be better prizes.

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