Your blog is boring if

boring.jpgI mentioned earlier that you gotta be gangsta with you blog. Now i will focus on a few blogs that are boring.

Your blog is boring if…

You don’t have any pictures in your posts. Come on now, blogs should be like magazines, not instruction manuals. Include some pictures in your posts.

You only write about other people’s blogs. Why would I come to your blog for second hand information. Better cut the middleman out and go directly to the source.

You write about news that happened a month ago. This is the internet. I’ve i wanted to read about yesterday’s news, i’ll read the newspaper.

You never held a contest. Give out some free stuff you cheapo.

You use the default theme. Show your readers that you care enough about blogging that you worked on the design at least a few mins.

Your posts are too long. Boring…yawn. If you want to get a lot of info out, break it into sections. Don’t ever do one really long post. Anything over a couple of pages is too much. Anything over a page, you lost me.

I can’t leave a comment. What’s the point of having a blog is you can’t interact with your readers. Make sure it’s easy for them to leave a comment. Don’t make them fill out code or do arithmetic. Use askimet to block spam.

The content is rated G or PG. If you’re a conservative, at least make your blog PG-13. I have a rule, i don’t watch movies unless it’s rated-R.

You rarely update. Best way to make your blog boring is to not update. You’re not making it boring, you’re killing your blog if you don’t update.

Subscribed to my blog is you don’t want to be bored.

10 thoughts on “Your blog is boring if

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  2. the noob Post author

    allenjohnson- haha. not so much that. just don’t make it corny. be more raw. doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cuss. you don’t have to try to emulate chris rock. but every once in a while is fun. cause that’s how people talk. sometimes people cuss.

  3. esvl

    I really dont like it when people keep the default theme. It takes like 5 minutes to change and with so many great themes to download one has no excuse to not have a better theme than the default.

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